Wheels are now coming off for Zuma, say analysts

The president has been described as a python who has tried to swallow an elephant.

President Jacob Zuma is like “a python that has swallowed more than it can digest”, according to political analyst Elvis Masoga.

He was responding to the increased calls for Zuma to step down that were made, among other places, at the memorial service of fallen ANC stalwart Ahmed Kathrada, where recently axed finance minister Pravin Gordhan said he “unashamedly” encouraged mass mobilisation.

“It has been said I am encouraging mass mobilisation,” Gordhan said.

“Yes, I am unashamedly encouraging mass mobilisation. We are encouraging mass mobilisation to ensure that people shall govern.”

Masoga told The Citizen yesterday said Zuma was suffocating to death from swallowing this huge elephant.

“He has been swallowing impalas and rats for some time now, but his time is up now. Zuma’s survival skills and theatrics are now coming to an end … the wheels have come off,” Masoga said.

He described Gordhan’s call for mass mobilisation as coming from a true patriot.

“Every person who loves his or her country will do that to save us from this mafia. Everyone in the country must rise up against these thieves. There are different ways to remove Zuma and one could well be the ANC calling a special national executive committee meeting to map the way forward after a cadre shamelessly disregarded the ruling party.”

Another analyst, Professor Andre Duvenhage, said it was crystal clear that there was a total rebellion against Zuma in the country, including from within the ANC.

“We are likely to witness a very big battle over the next few weeks and there is a strong possibility that the ANC might want to remove the president. That could happen if the ANC calls an emergency meeting or in parliament, where several opposition parties have also been calling for a motion of no confidence in the president.

“Zuma, on the other hand, is also prepared for a fight and he will counter with the ANC Youth League and the Women’s League, who have already made it clear that they support the recent Cabinet reshuffle,” said Duvenhage.

He said Zuma would be “lucky” if he survived to the end of 2017, stressing the president found himself under immense pressure from all corners of the country.

“We must also remember that there are still pending court cases against him and chief among them is the ‘spy tapes’. Also, the EFF has been to the Constitutional Court asking for action to be taken regarding the Nkandla matter.”


EFF threatens to disrupt SONA

Johannesburg – EFF leader Julius Malema has warned that his party will disrupt President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation address, if the leader does not appear before Parliament for a question and answer session, the City Press reported on Sunday.

Malema sent a two-page letter to Parliamentary Speaker Baleka Mbete requesting that a special sitting of the National Assembly be held before the opening of Parliament on February 12.

Malema wanted Zuma to conclude a previous question and answer session that was aborted five months ago following disruptions.

“Please note that failure to accomodate our request will give us no other option but to insist that President Jacob Zuma answer the questions (during) the state of the nation address,” said Malema in the statement.

On August 21 last year, pandemonium broke out when EFF MPs banged on their desks and chanted “Pay Back the Money”, Ä in relation to the Nkandla controversy – disrupting Zuma’s replies to questions.

At the time, many opposition parties expressed disatisfaction with how Zuma had answered questions related to the R246 million spent on security upgrades to his private Nkandla residence in KwaZulu-Natal.

In December, the High Court in Cape Town, however, lifted sanctions against 20 suspended EFF MPs that had been imposed following the incident.

Mbete’s spokeswoman Mandlakazi Sicgawu confirmed to the newspaper that the letter had been received and said it was receiving attention.

Parliament not the ANC’s playground – Zille

The DA will defend Parliament and make clear that the National Assembly is not the ANC’s playground, DA leader Helen Zille said on Monday.

“[President] Jacob Zuma does not have the option to refuse to answer questions in Parliament,” Zille said in the Democratic Alliance SA Today newsletter.

“He has a constitutional duty to do so,” she said.

‘Crush opposition’

It was reported at the weekend that Zuma was at the centre of the chaos that erupted in Parliament last week.

He had reportedly demanded that African National Congress MPs “use their numbers to crush opposition” in Parliament.

According to The Sunday Times, he allegedly made the demand during a national executive committee (NEC) meeting in September, but it was only recently made public.

It reported that Zuma told MPs to stop being “accommodating” and said they should not allow “hooliganism” in the National Assembly that challenged the ruling party’s authority in a “most abrasive and shocking manner”.

Contempt for Constitution

Zille said Zuma had shown complete ignorance and contempt for the Constitution and the principle of accountability.

“What clearer illustration could there be that he is unfit to lead a democracy?” she asked.

Officials at Parliament were already preparing for Zuma’s State of the Nation address next year, and the DA was not going to allow it to degenerate into a “crass fashion parade and ANC propaganda platform on the prime time television”.

“Unless we see fundamental reforms in Parliament, involving the programming authority, the chief whip’s forum, the replacement of the Speaker [Baleka Mbete], and the regular appearance of the president to answer questions, it will not be business as usual.”

Nkandla saga

Tempers flared in the House on Thursday when ANC MPs objected to motions the opposition tried to bring to delay the adoption of a report exonerating Zuma in the Nkandla saga.

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela had found that he unduly benefited from R246m in so-called security upgrades to his private homestead at Nkandla in KwaZulu-Natal.

The DA and Economic Freedom Fighters tabled motion after motion, with most questions relating to the Nkandla issue or to Zuma.

Veteran ANC MP Mathole Motshekga, who was pivotal in the ad hoc committee that drafted the report absolving Zuma, said the opposition was exaggerating Madonsela’s finding that he repay a portion of the money not related to security upgrades.

Members of the police public order policing unit entered the National Assembly Chamber during proceedings, and a scuffle ensued.

This was after EFF MP Ngwanamakwetle Mashabela refused to leave the podium when she was ordered to do so by house chairperson Cedric Frolick.

Mashabela had called Zuma a “thief” during a debate on the Grand Inga Hydro Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo and refused to withdraw her remarks.

Mashabela would not be moved when Sergeant-at-Arms Regina Mohlomi tried to escort her from the podium.

Police arrived minutes later and tugged at Mashabela, who could be heard shouting: “I don’t want to be touched”.

MPs from opposition benches expressed outrage and jumped to Mashabela’s defence.

ANC in a crisis – Zille

Zille said the ANC was in crisis and a symptom of that had surfaced in every institution in the country, public and private.

“As the ANC disintegrates its leaders will seek diversions and scapegoats, but this will be in vain.

“The DA’s job, during the next five years, is to prevent the ANC from turning its crisis into a crisis for South Africa’s democracy. This is an enormous challenge as the events in Parliament last week showed,” she said.

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Ramaphosa defends Mbete

South Africa – Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has defended National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete, calling her impartial, Beeld reported on Monday.

She was doing a good job in difficult circumstances amid efforts to disrupt Parliament, he reportedly told the newspaper in Itsoseng township, near Lichtenburg, on Sunday, while attending a youth development imbizo.

“We must support her,” he was quoted as saying.

Beeld reported that Ramaphosa did not want to say if or when President Jacob Zuma would answer parliamentary questions about the R246 million so-called security upgrades at his private homestead at Nkandla in KwaZulu-Natal, from which Public Protector Thuli Madonsela found he unduly benefited.

“We will speak about that in the next few days,” Ramaphosa reportedly said.

On Thursday, opposition parties shouted down Mbete when she tried to prevent them from bringing dozens of motions – most of them related to spending on the Nkandla upgrades – to delay the adoption of a report exonerating Zuma in the Nkandla saga.

African National Congress MPs retaliated by objecting to the motions. Tempers flared when Economic Freedom Fighters MP Ngwanamakwetle Mashabela refused to leave the podium when she was ordered to do so by house chairman Cedric Frolick.

Mashabela had called Zuma a “thief” during a debate on the Grand Inga Hydro Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo and refused to withdraw her remarks.

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Fists fly as riot police clash with MPs in scuffle

Cape Town – Members of the police’s public order policing unit stormed into the National Assembly chamber on Thursday night causing a scuffle in which several punches were thrown.

The drama unfolded after Economic Freedom Fighters MP Ngwanamakwetle Mashabela refused to leave the podium when she was ordered to do so by House chair Cedrick Frolick.

Mashabela had called President Jacob Zuma a “thief” during a debate on the Grand Inga Hydro Project, and refused to withdraw her remarks.

Mashabela would not be moved when sergeant-at-arms Regina Mohlomi tried to escort her from the podium.

Police arrived minutes later – tugging at Mashabela – who could be heard shouting “I don’t want to be touched”.

MPs from opposition benches, expressed outrage, and jumped to Mashabela’s defence.

Fists started flying when police pushed and shoved MPs from the Democratic Alliance and the EFF who intervened.

As the policemen emerged from the chamber with a clearly shaken Mashabela, members of Parliament’s protection services started scolding the officers.

DA MPs to lay assault charges

The officers were told they had no jurisdiction over the National Assembly chamber.

It remained unclear on who’s instructions the police were acting.

DA chief whip John Steenhuisen, who was in the middle of the scuffle inside the chamber, expressed outrage.

“Four of my [DA] members, two of them women, have been assaulted by police. They are Terri Stander, Gordon Mackay, Denise Robinson and Dean Macpherson,” Steenhuisen said.

“Terri Stander was thrown to the floor and stood on by police.”

The MPs would lay assault charges against police.

“I think this is the lowest point in the post democratic history of this country. We’ve reached a crisis,” said Steenhuisen.

Steenhuisen said he approached Frolick, Speaker Baleka Mbete and the sergeant-at-arms, who all denied they had called police to the chamber.

“The sergeant-at-arms is the villain in this case. I have no doubt,” said Steenhuisen.

The EFF said it would convene a meeting of its leadership to decide what action they would take, but indicated that they too would lay criminal charges against the officers concerned.

“We must teach them a lesson, including the Speaker who called them,” said EFF whip Hlengiwe Maxon.

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ANC denies it is broke

South Africa – The ruling party on Friday denied a report that it faces serious financial problems.

“We refute the claim and allegation that the ANC is broke and facing bankruptcy”, spokesman Zizi Kodwa said.

The African National Congress was funded largely through donations and was “not a profit-making organisation”, he said.

The Mail & Guardian reported on Friday that the ruling party was facing financial difficulties after its electoral funding was cut by R20m due to a reduced share of parliamentary seats.

The newspaper reported that almost half the party’s staff could be retrenched.

Kodwa said the ANC had spent a significant amount of money in its centenary celebrations but declined to comment on the retrenchments.

“The issue of salaries and staff in the ANC, reported in the M&G, is between the ANC and its employees.

“The ANC’s record speaks for itself. For the past 10 years the ANC has not retrenched any staff members.”

“We value the sacrifices and contributions our staff have made. We are a caring organisation”, Kodwa said.

The M&G reported that ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe denied there was a need for retrenchments but quoted him as saying “the ship is tight”.

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ANC emotional about gun laws

THE African National Congress (ANC)-led government’s intention to introduce amendments to the Firearms Control Act is an emotional reaction, AfriForum said on Friday.

“The ANC government reacts on emotion, following the murder of our Bafana Bafana captain Senzo Meyiwa in Vosloorus (in Ekurhuleni) in the past week,” spokesman Ian Cameron said in a statement.

“Firearms, however, do not kill people. People kill people.”

He said the execution of current laws and the prosecution of criminals would be more effective.

He referred to the arrest of two people after a shoot-out with police in Buccleuch, northern Johannesburg, on Thursday. Two R5 rifles were confiscated.

“These are police firearms which are used by robbers. The police and government have to ensure that their house is in order before law-abiding citizens are adversely affected,” Mr Cameron said.

On Thursday the ANC called for the act to be reviewed.

“The time has come for us as a nation to review existing gun control measures with a view to limiting access to guns that end (up) in the wrong hands,” spokesman Zizi Kodwa told journalists at Parliament.

“The ANC calls for the total removal of illegal guns from society as these have proved to be a menace.”

He also called for the judiciary to show no mercy for those in possession of illegal guns and those who were guilty of negligence.

Police Minister Nathi Nhleko had earlier announced that the amendments to the act would be introduced in Parliament next year.

The amendments would be “technical in nature” and meant to close legal loopholes, he told journalists.

About 5,000 applications for firearm licences were received monthly, and about 500 of these were rejected.

Mr Nhleko said this was indicative of a larger societal problem.

Justice and Correctional Services Minister Michael Masutha said despite consistent decreases in violent crime over the past few years, the use of guns to commit criminal acts was of concern.

“We certainly took a keen interest in the bill that we are piloting on gun control, tightening our control measures,” Mr Masutha said.

“We would be looking at it from the point of view of whether we have strong enough penalties where there’s the use of ammunition in violent crimes.”

The bill was currently with the police ministry and would be sent to Cabinet for approval soon.

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Pallo Jordan ‘shows humility’ by resigning

Johannesburg – Pallo Jordan resigning from Parliament after reports that his qualifications are false was a show of humility, the ANC Youth League said on Monday.

“He remains our comrade. Our teacher and our mentor, regardless of his human defects,” the ANCYL said.

“As the ANC Youth League, we have always [taken] his contribution to any and all discussions seriously and we shall continue to do so. For when we engage as comrades we do not engage with the qualifications of the speaker or presenter but with the content presented or advanced.”

The ANCYL said it would engage its structures in tertiary institutions to start a process of ensuring that South African universities conferred honorary doctorates on Jordan for his “immense contribution” in the promotion of literary work and the development of democracy.


African National Congress secretary general Gwede Mantashe said on Monday that Jordan had resigned from Parliament and apologised to the ruling party.

Jordan had also offered to resign from the national executive committee (NEC) of the ANC and from the ANC.

“True to his character, he has apologised to the ANC, its membership and South Africa as a whole,” Mantashe said.

“A man of comrade Pallo Jordan’s intellect does not need to perpetuate deceit; he must be given time to deal with his guilt. As the ANC, we have accepted his public apology; to apologise was not an action of the faint-hearted.”

Mantashe said the African National Congress received a detailed explanation from Jordan on Monday on claims that his qualifications were false.

The ANC national officials had accepted his resignation from Parliament, but his resignation from membership of the NEC and the ANC have been referred to the structures of the organisation, he said.

No tertiary qualifications

The Sunday Times reported last week that no evidence could be found that Jordan, who goes by the title “Dr”, has ever had an honorary doctorate bestowed on him.

Jordan has no degrees or diplomas from the University of Wisconsin-Madison or the London School of Economics (LSE), the two institutions cited on his CV.

He has no formal tertiary academic qualifications whatsoever, the publication reported.

The ANCYL said it appreciated that Jordan explained himself to the ANC leadership and welcomed his resignation from Parliament.

Jordan should however remain a member of the ruling party and serve in the ANC NEC, it said.

“We are of the firm view that he is an integral part of the ANC and he should not be permitted to age outside of what he has been all his life,” it said.

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‘EFF will rule South Africa,’ says Malema

Cape Town – The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will rule the country, the party’s leader Julius Malema told MPs in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

Speaking shortly after President Jacob Zuma delivered his budget vote speech, Malema said other political parties had grossly underestimated the EFF and the support it enjoyed among South Africans.

The party celebrates its first birthday on Saturday.

“We said on the 26 of July [2013] that the EFF is a government in waiting. If anyone still doubts that today, that person needs…

medical attention,” Malema said.

While repeating accusations that the ANC was protecting white monopoly capital, the fiery former Zuma ally did have a few good words for the ruling party.

“We want to take this opportunity to congratulate the members of the ruling party for coming out openly today in support of the Palestinian struggle,” he said.

Malema called on ANC MPs to put pressure on Zuma to expel the Israeli ambassador to South Africa.

He made brief mention of EFF members storming the Gauteng legislature on Tuesday, during a protest against the removal of the party’s MPLs during a sitting on 1 July.

“We also want to agree with the minister of police that police must not be a force, but a service because what we came to expect yesterday is a result of police being turned into a force.”

Malema went on to list the reasons why the party would continue to fight the implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP).

“The NDP aims to diminish workers’ rights and their protection because it proposes cheaper labour mechanisms as a means of attracting investment,” he said.

Malema was interrupted twice by ANC MPs, including Mandla Mandela, who objected to his statements. Mandela questioned the relevance of Malema’s

National Assembly deputy speaker Lechesa Tsenoli ruled against Mandela.

Before running out of time, Malema took a parting shot at Cyril Ramaphosa by saying: “Mr President, be careful of your deputy president who sleeps with white monopoly capital.” .

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Petrol bombs fly during Cape Town evictions

Cape Town – Petrol bombs were thrown during evictions in Lwandle, Strand, on Tuesday, Western Cape police said.

“Petrol bombs are being thrown, tyres are being lit and the situation is tense at this stage, but police are maintaining law and order. The eviction operation is unfolding at this time,” Lieutenant Colonel André Traut said.

“We are policing the eviction notice being carried out by the sheriff of the court.”

No arrests had been made.

On Monday seven people were arrested for public violence.

“Three petrol bombs were confiscated. The suspects will make a court appearance once they have been charged. They are currently in police custody as they go through processing,” Traut said.

Political blame game

Earlier on Tuesday, the ANC claimed the eviction was punishment for people not voting for the DA in the 7 May general elections.

“The African National Congress condemns the eviction… by the Cape Town metro without being given alternative accommodation as required by the law,” spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said in a statement.

“This is tantamount to undermining democracy and the freedom of choice by the DA metro.”

The violence began on Monday following the enforcement of an eviction order. It was granted to the SA National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral), owner of the land, by the Western Cape High Court earlier this year.

City of Cape Town human settlements MMC Siyabulela Mamkeli said in a statement on Monday: “The interdict authorised the sheriff and the South African Police Service to give effect to the provisions of this order.”

National departments asked to intervene

This was against any person or structure erected that breached the order after it was served.

“The sheriff of the court has been assisted by its contractors to remove the structures following an illegal land invasion on this Sanral-owned land,” said Mamkeli.

Kodwa said the ANC had asked the national transport and human settlements departments to intervene.

Mamkeli said police supported the sheriff of the court’s actions.

“City law enforcement agencies were present, on the specific request from the sheriff of the court and the SAPS. City law enforcement has no role in the removal of structures.”

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Malema’s EFF and DA accuse ANC of vote rigging

South Africa’s fifth democratic elections have left ANC with an overall majority of 62.19%, down from 66% in 2009.

Julius Malema’s EFF have scooped 6,33% of the national vote and he says he is going to put a woman from Marikana in as an MP

The DA’s managed 22,2%, and was second as before but it is losing its “white” image with a leap from the party’s 2009 score of less than 17%

According to leader Helen Zille, they had about 750 000 black voters and 40% of them were in Gauteng.

Apart from triumphant EFF members, seats in Parliament will go to a pair of provincial rebel outfits: the NFP (KwaZulu-Natal) and the IAC (Eastern Cape)But smaller parties, including the IFP and Cope, were largely ignored by voters

There has been a trend away from the ANC in urban areas

In Gauteng, the Zuma-led party was down at 53,71%, while Zille’s DA won 30,67% of the ballots

And Malema’s EFF came from nowhere to get a hefty 10,28% on its first attempt

The results for Johannesburg and Tshwane Metro were similar

In the Western Cape the DA increased its lead from 49% to more than 57% while the ANC is still in opposition with some 34% of the voteThe EFF got 2,32%.

Provincial legislatures will be dominated by the ANC, with the exception of the DA’s stronghold in the Western Cape

South African voters took their democratic right to vote seriously, with a turnout of more than 73%

In Alexandra, Gauteng, there was plenty of shouting over alleged ballot-box irregularities.

Cops and soldiers kept watch over a 5 000-strong crowd, some 70 people were arrested

And police started firing rubber bullets at the angry voters

Opposition parties, including the EFF, the IFP and the DA had accused the ANC’s ward 75 councillor Chris Mabunda of vote-rigging

They said an ANC vehicle had carried ballot boxes – and three dumped boxes containing EFF and DA votes had been found.

A DA member who asked not to be named said: “We know that the ruling party stole votes”All we ask is a fresh election which will be free and fair.”

And an EFF member, who also asked not to be named, said the party had the most votes in the area but there have been irregularities.

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ANC takes DA to court over SMSes

Johannesburg – The North Gauteng High Court will on Wednesday hear an urgent application by the ANC to stop the DA from sending out an SMS accusing President Jacob Zuma of stealing public money.

The African National Congress wants the court to compel the Democratic Alliance to comply with the Electoral Act in terms of the prohibition of publishing of false information.

This was in response to an SMS sent by the opposition party which the ANC claimed was based on a “deliberate lie” and targeted Zuma.

The text message, which was sent to prospective voters, read: “The Nkandla report shows how Zuma stole your money to build his R246m home. Vote DA on 7 May to beat corruption. Together for change.”

Last month, the DA said it welcomed the court challenge.

“The DA welcomes the opportunity to go to court to defend our efforts to ensure accountability for the Nkandlagate scandal,” Parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko said.

“We will tell the judge exactly what the rest of South Africa was told this past week, that President Zuma improperly and materially benefited from the R246m so-called security upgrade of his private home in Nkandla.”
In her report Secure in Comfort, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela found that Zuma and his family had unduly benefited from security upgrades made to his private home in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal. She recommended that a percentage of the money be paid back.

Zuma is expected to give his reply to Madonsela’s report on Wednesday, 14 days after its release.


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ANC turns to courts over DA’s ‘defamatory’ text message

The ANC says it is planning to take legal action against the DA over a text message about President Jacob Zuma and the Nkandla scandal.
“We are actively taking this matter up by opening a charge of defamation and malicious conduct,” African National Congress (ANC) spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said in a statement.
“We will also be approaching relevant recourse structures that deal with elections including the Independent Electoral Commission and the electoral court if necessary to ensure that this irresponsible conduct is curtailed and exposed.”
Mthembu said the SMS was based on a “deliberate lie” and targeted Zuma.
The text message, which was sent to prospective voters, read: “The Nkandla report shows how [President Jacob] Zuma stole your money to build his R246m home. Vote DA on 7 May to beat corruption. Together for change.”
Hitting back
Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko hit back and welcomed the court challenge.
“The DA welcomes the opportunity to go to court to defend our efforts to ensure accountability for the Nkandlagate scandal,” she said.
“We will tell the judge exactly what the rest of South Africa was told this past week, that president Zuma improperly and materially benefited from the R246-million so-called security upgrade of his private home in Nkandla.”
She said the ANC was blindly protecting Zuma.
“Instead of doing everything possible to ensure that President Zuma is removed from office and made to apologise for this wrongdoing, they would rather spend their time and energy trying to hide the truth from the country.
“This will not work. South Africans are rightly outraged by this serious maladministration which has diverted much-needed public money from the poor in order to benefit one man. This is a shame that warrants the president being fired from his post, not blindly protected.”
She suggested that the ANC re-examine Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s report as it was clear they missed some key details.
“The rot in Jacob Zuma’s ANC has now reached crisis proportions,” she said.
“The leadership of the party can no longer see the difference between right and wrong. They see only through the prism of keeping power in the hands of President Zuma. ”
Public protector’s report
Madonsela this week found that Zuma and his family had improperly benefitedfrom R215-million security upgrades to his Nkandla home. This was paid for by government. Outstanding work on the property was around R36-million.
“It is common cause that in the name of security, government built for the president and his family in his private [home], a visitors’ centre, cattle kraal and chicken run, swimming pool, and amphitheatre among others,” she said in her findings.
The Economic Freedom Fighters and the DA have since opened criminal cases of corruptionagainst Zuma. – Sapa

Zanu PF, ANC cross swords

ZIMBABWE and South Africa’s ruling parties have crossed swords over policy differences after African National Congress (ANC) secretary general Gwede Mantashe attacked the country’s economic policies.
Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo yesterday rubbished Mantashe saying the ANC should keep its policy of “accommodating colonisers” while Zimbabwe continued to empower its citizens.
Mantashe reportedly warned South Africa against taking the Zimbabwean route that saw it plummeting from its “breadbasket of Africa” status to a net importer of “almost everything”.
“Look at Zimbabwe. It used to be the bread basket of Africa. Today it imports almost everything. The Zimbabwean dollar has disappeared. This economy will disappear if that is the example we want to follow,” Mantashe was quoted saying. He was referring to Zanu PF’s populist policies including the chaotic land reform programme and the Indigenisation policy that have seen the flight of foreign investors in hordes.
But Gumbo said the South African ruling party should concentrate on its country’s affairs saying Zanu PF strived to better the lives of its people. “We have our model which we feel is the best in Africa and they have their own because they want to accommodate colonisers. For us, we suffered because of our principle, however things will change in the next few years,” Gumbo said.
“They remain under the rule of the Boers, but our suffering is short-term. We have empowered our people and the fruits of empowerment are being seen.”
Zanu PF and the ANC relations took a nasty turn during the inter-party negotiations when President Robert Mugabe accused President Jacob Zuma’s international relations advisor Lindiwe Zulu of being “an idiotic street woman”.
Mugabe was to later apologise to Zulu and Zuma. Mantashe last year again accused Zanu PF of siding with former ANC youth league president Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters to destabilise the South African ruling party.
He alleged that the EFF had the influence of Zanu PF.
“There have been active engagements between its leaders and with Zanu PF. Zanu PF is using them to destabilise the ANC in Limpopo,” the ANC secretary-general said.
“Zanu PF destroyed the economy of their country. In 1980, the value of the Zimbabwe dollar was R1,50 and today it has no value. It is a massive destruction of the economy. I do not want South Africa’s economy to collapse.”
Zuma’s spokesperson, Mac Maharaj could not be reached for comment yesterday. Mantashe’s statements may represent a shift in policy for the ANC, which has historically protected Zanu PF.
Former president Thabo Mbeki typified the ANC’s protection of Zanu PF when, in 2008, at the height of Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown, he said there was no crisis in Zimbabwe.
Even the ANCs opposition, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has spoken out against Zimbabwe-style land reform. The EFF’s commissar responsible for policy and research, Floyd Shivambu last month told the Mail & Guardian that, although his party holds Zimbabwe in high regard for “its courage in going ahead with land reform against international and imperialist pressure and intimidation”, the EFF would not use a similar strategy.