Robert Mugabe slams Zodwa Wabantu’s ‘no-panty policy’

Speaking at an interface rally in Bindura on Saturday, President Robert Mugabe told a crowd of thousands that he knew he was “disappointing many men” for banning Zodwa Wabantu from performing in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean president lambasted the Durban entertainer, who is famous for her sultry moves and revealing clothes, for attending parties without wearing underwear.

He said: “I’m sorry we disappointed many men… You just come without covering your decency. What do you want? Men to see you? We don’t want such…”

Zodwa was set to perform in Zimbabwe, but was banned by the acting minister of Tourism and Hospitality last month when he ruled that the Durbanite will not be allowed to perform at the Harare International Carnival

This happened after actress Anne Nhira complained to the tourism board that Wabantu should not be invited because she was not a Zimbabwean, she dressed scantily and she was a lesbian.

Zodwa told TshisaLive she blamed her gig cancellation on “political games”.

“The show was cancelled at the last moment. They said I must tell everyone that I am sick and they would send me money to cover the trouble. It’s a political thing. It was politics behind closed doors because apparently people were protesting that they want me to perform and sponsors were pulling out of the event because reports about me were drawing too much (negative) attention to the event,” she said.


Zodwa Wabantu banned from Zimbabwe

Panties or not, it seems popular dancer Zodwa Wabantu will not be performing in Zimbabwe.

On Tuesday, the Zimbabwean acting minister of Tourism and Hospitality Patrick Zhuwao ruled that the Durbanite, famous for her sultry moves and revealing clothes, will not be allowed to perform at the Harare International Carnival.

This happened after actress Anne Nhira complained to the tourism board that Wabantu should not be invited because she was not a Zimbabwean, she dressed scantily and she was a lesbian.

In a letter to Nhira, Zhuwao stated: “The government position is that the artist concerned, Zodwa Wabantu, may not participate at the Harare International Carnival. In this regard, relevant authorities have been notified.”

Speaking to The Star yesterday, Nhira said: “This is an international event to promote the image of Zimbabwe. She is not Zimbabwean, and if we want dancers to perform at the event, there are local dancers who can do it.

“We don’t want a person who will tarnish our image as a country. She does her entertainment half-naked and she has publicly acknowledged that she is a lesbian.”

Dancers from Cuba and Brazil have been invited to perform at the week-long carnival, which starts on September 6. Other local acts that have been invited include Babes Wodumo, Busiswa and Uhuru.

Zodwa Wabantu at the Durban July earlier this year. Picture: Supplied

There were reports that Wabantu, whose real name is Zodwa Libram, is lesbian but she has dismissed them.

Same-sex relations are illegal in Zimbabwe, where gays and lesbians feel persecuted and their rights are undermined.

The Zimbabwean government does not approve of them.

Yesterday, Wabantu said she was unaware that she was not welcome in Zimbabwe anymore. “They contacted me today to organise the plane ticket bookings. I know nothing about this.”

She said she would confirm with the tourism authority today and give them a piece of her mind.

“I have performed in the country before, so what is the problem now?”

Madonna adopts twin girls from Malawi: court official

Blantyre – US superstar Madonna adopted two four-year-old twin girls from Malawi on Tuesday, a court official in Lilongwe told AFP, taking the number of children she has adopted from the country to four.Just two weeks ago, the singer denied that she was involved in any adoption application in Malawi after news of her court case first emerged.

“I can confirm that Madonna has been granted an adoption order for two children,” judicial spokesperson Mlenga Mvula told AFP, adding they were twins called Esther and Stella.

Madonna, who set up a charity called Raising Malawi in the southern African nation in 2006, adopted Malawian children David Banda in 2006 and Mercy James in 2009.

Her publicist was not immediately available for comment on Tuesday.

On January 24, local media reports said the singer appeared before Justice Fiona Mwale, accompanied by two unidentified children and several other people, before being driven away in an SUV vehicle.

Later that day Madonna told US magazine People in a statement that “the rumours of an adoption process are untrue.”

Madonna’s charity is funding a surgical unit for children at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Blantyre, the commercial hub of Malawi.

Kim Kardashian Jewels Stolen In Paris Heist Have Been Melted, Re-Cut: The Only Piece Left Is Her $4.5 Million Engagement Ring

A transcript of police interrogation of the leader of the gang in the Kim Kardashian Paris jewelry heist leaked to the French newspaper Le Monde suggests that Kim Kardashian is “unlikely to get back” most of the cache of jewels worth more than $10 million stolen from her in Paris because the robbers melted down or re-cut them before selling them off.
Officers who interrogated the alleged gang boss, Aomar Ait Khedache, in police custody, learned that shortly after the heist, the gang melted the metals and re-cut the stones to make them unrecognizable before selling them off on the black market. The metals were melted down and transformed into bars while the stones were re-cut to change their appearance and remove distinctive markings.
“So that the jewels wouldn’t be recognized, we took a joint decision to melt them down,” Khedache said, according to the Daily Mail. “One of us took care of that… He came back with bars… altogether there must have been a bit more than 800 grams.”
“They separate the stone from the metal,,, melt the metal, and [re-cut] the stones completely, in order to remove all markings or modify the shape,” said Jerome Guillochon, the president of a French jewelers federation, explaining how criminals process their loot to make then unrecognizable, according to the Sun.
According to Guillochon, crooks use sophisticated equipment such as lasers to alter the appearance of jewelry. The altered product could then be disposed off in the black market safely.
But the 36-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV star may still get back her $4.5 million diamond engagement ring that her husband rapper Kanye West gave to her. Khedache told police interrogators that he kept the ring because he was afraid to offer it on the market because it was distinctive and easily recognizable.
Most of Kim’s stolen jewelry had distinctive markings and design that made them easily recognizable. Her ring, for instance, had the name of Adidas, the international sportswear company.
Police investigators have so far arrested nine men and a woman in connection with the daring heist at Kim’s luxury apartment in central Paris.
Kim was sleeping alone in her apartment when the robbers broke in. They woke her up, tied her up and placed her inside her bathtub after they had forced her to show them where she kept her jewels. Kim was in a state of profound shock when police interviewed her about the incident on October 3, two hours after the robbers had escaped.
Police investigators confirmed during interrogation that the men who broke into Kim’s Paris apartment at about 2:35 a.m. on October 3 were 60-year-old Aomar Ait Khedache, nicknamed “Omar le Vieux” (“Old Omar”) and 61-year-old Didier Dubreucq, nicknamed “Blue Eyes.”
“Both men were hooded, one had a ski mask and he had a cap and a jacket with ‘Police’ on it,” Kim told investigators. “The second man had the same ‘Police’ clothes, but did not have any ski mask.”
They asked her where she kept her diamond engagement ring. When she did not reply one of the men took out a gun. Terrified, Kim showed them the ring.
After she had showed them where she kept the ring they tied her up using plastic cables. They then taped her mouth and legs, took her to her bathroom and dumped her inside the bathtub.
But Khedache insisted during interrogation that his gang treated Kim gently.
Kim listed the jewelry that the men took away. She estimated the value of the jewels at about $5 million but it was later confirmed that it was a massive haul worth more than $10 million.
Other members of the gang in police custody include Aomar Khedache’s 70-year-old girlfriend Christaine. Khedache’s 27-year-old son Harminy and Yunice Abas, 63.

Pakistan lifts ban on Indian movies

Islamabad: Pakistan has lifted a ban on the import and screening of movies from neighbouring India after months of suspension amid tension over the disputed region of Kashmir.
Information and Broadcasting Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb announced the government would uphold a 2007 decision to lift a ban on importing Indian film content, adding in a statement that “the Pakistani film industry has been revived and strengthened” by Indian cinema.
Nasar Khan from Hum Films, which imports and screens Indian movies, welcomed the announcement.
Khan said that his distribution company has applied for a so-called non-objection certificate, required for all films screened in Pakistan, for the latest film Kaabil, adding that he hopes it would be cleared on Monday.
A fatal attack by militants on an Indian army base in Kashmir in September triggered deadly border clashes between the nuclear-armed South Asian rivals, bringing cultural ties to a halt.
A blanket ban on Indian content in Pakistani media came into effect the following month.
Despite the ban, Pakistan’s Film Exhibitors Association had announced it would resume screenings Indian movies.
“Cinemas in Pakistan will go bankrupt if they don’t screen Indian stuff,” Aamir Haider, a member of the Pakistan Film Exhibitors Association, said in December.

Porn or pop? Ugandan singer on trial for music video

Bouncing and grinding, singer Jemimah Kansiime’s music video was a hit among her Ugandan fans, but not for conservative politicians who say it broke a tough new anti-pornography law.

The 21-year old singer, who uses the stage name “Panadol wa Basajja” – literally, “medicine for men” – has already spent five weeks in jail after her arrest for a music video that gives a lingering and generous focus on wet and soapy buttocks.

Now she faces up to 10 years in jail, if found guilty in the first full trial under the law – which took effect in February 2014 – that critics such as Human Rights Watch argue so loosely defines pornography it has encouraged public attacks on women wearing skimpy clothing.

Sex sells

Critics say it is part of a growing anti-liberal movement including tough laws against homosexuals in Uganda, where religious-driven conservatism appears to be on the rise and where US evangelical preachers rather than pop stars like Kansiime often receive rock star welcomes.

“I was aware that there are some sections of society that are conservative,” said the singer, smoothing her rainbow coloured hair extensions that always cover one eye.

But one thing she thought she had learnt from her idols – including Rihanna and Nicki Minaj – is that sex sells.

“I was just experimenting to see if I put on a short dress, will the audience like it?” said the singer.

She made the video that has placed her in hot water last year for her song “Nkulinze” – or “I am waiting for you” – about “a young lover’s intimate fantasies”.

‘Intended for adults’

It has proved popular, and the video has been watched over 140 000 times on YouTube. But Kansiime said she never dreamt that writhing in her underwear was breaking the law. She and her then manager Didi Muchwa Mugisha were arrested in November.

Mugisha pleaded guilty and was fined 200 000 Ugandan shillings, but Kansiime pleaded not guilty, and was held for five weeks before raising the cash bail.

“When I was making that video I never intended it for children, I intended it for adults. I did not sell or distribute the song,” said Kansiime, wearing a short, leopard print dress with tiny straps, revealing a push up bra underneath.

“My rights have been trampled upon, my freedom of expression has been trampled upon,” she told GNR in her simple tin-shack home in the capital Kampala.

Shocked minister

Her lawyer, Isaac Semakadde, argues the case is a test for the right of Ugandan performers to “express themselves”.

“That right to erotic entertainment, there has to be a space for it in an open and free society,” he told GNR, saying divisions must be made between clearly criminal offences such as child pornography.

“To ban all forms of pornography, all forms of nudity, is outrageous,” he said.

She was tracked down and arrested after Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo was shocked at the video. Lokodo has recently boasted that he and his “intelligence team” of spies are “on the ground” watching such singers closely.

“That’s why Panadol was arrested,” he said, describing her videos as “very obscene and vulgar”, and warning of more arrests.

The former priest said singers such as Rihanna were “the type of people I’m condemning.”

“She’s a very provocative dancer… there’s nothing at all good there,” he said.

In his continued crackdown on pornography, Lokodo has this year ordered police to arrest men who procure prostitutes and described a popular local television dating show as prostitution. Local media reported that he also confronted Uganda’s youngest MP when she walked into parliament in a short skirt.

Semakadde accuses the ethic ministry of ignoring more pressing issues.

“The decadence in society does not start and stop with prostitution,” he said. “There’s corruption – but they have no answers to that, so they go for the most vulnerable.”

‘I have not benefited from that video’

Kansiime is due next in court later this month. But Semakadde said he will request the case is halted while the Constitutional Court deals with a separate petition brought by activists against the law, arguing it is “over-broad and vague”.

Amnesty International has called for the law to be repealed and Semakadde ultimately wants it scrapped, too.

Inspired by her struggle, Kansiime’s next song tackles unemployment.

As she awaits her next court appearance, she insisted that she had the right to film “whatever I want”, but conceded she may need to cater for more conservative tastes if she is to make a living from her music.

“I have to do something that people like, I have not benefited from that video,” she admitted.

Watch The Video Below:

Madge went gangsta with Tupac

Madonna dated Tupac.

The 56-year-old singer has revealed she enjoyed a short-lived relationship with the late Ghetto Gospel rapper in 1994 – two years before he was shot and killed – whom she claims got her “all riled up” and “feeling very gangsta”.

Referring to a specific interview she did with chat show host David Letterman, she told SiriusXM’s Howard Stern: “I was mad at (David) when I said the F-word a lot. I was in a weird mood that day. I was dating Tupac Shakur at the time and the thing is, he got me all riled up about life in general.

“So when I went on the show I was feeling very gangsta.”

Speculation about a supposed relationship between the pair has been rife for years, although Madonna had not previously confirmed they dated.

Rihanna’s the new Dior darling

PARIS – Rihanna has a new gig: representing Christian Dior.

The storied French fashion house said on Friday that the 27-year-old musical superstar will appear in an upcoming video and print ad campaign filmed in Versailles and slated to run this spring.

A spokesperson for Dior would not comment further on Rihanna’s new involvement with the company. The spokesperson spoke on condition of anonymity because company policy does not allow her to be publicly named.

The bold, Barbados-born Rihanna is a regular at fashion shows from New York to Paris.

Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio got ‘super steamy’

London – Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna got “super steamy” as they partied together at the Playboy Mansion on Saturday night.

The ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ star – who is reported to have split from his girlfriend Toni Garrn last month – and the ‘S&M’ hitmaker were spotted getting “hot and heavy” at designer Nikki Erwin’s 30th birthday party.

According to TMZ, a couple of eyewitnesses saw the pair share a sneaky smooch but a friend of Leonardo’s has told the gossip website that was not the case.

The pair partied alongside several other stars including Paris Hilton, Tom Hardy, Naomi Campbell, Pamela Anderson, Hilary Duff and Tobey Maguire.

The 40-year-old actor is said to have been invited to the bash by Nikki’s producer boyfriend Chuck Pacheco, and while it is not known whether or not he left with the 26-year-old stunner they are thought to have ended up at the same after-party along with rapper 50 Cent.

Leonardo looked to be having a good time at the after-party as he jokingly photobombed a picture of Naomi and the 39-year-old star, who uploaded the image on his Instagram account.

Last month, it was reported Leonardo had “officially split” from his girlfriend Toni, 22, after dating on and off for two years.

Kardashians in touch with Armenian side

London – Kim Kardashian West and her sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are planning a trip to Armenia.

The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ stars are said to be “so excited” at the prospect of visiting their late father Robert Kardashian’s ancestral homeland some time in April.

A source told E! News: “Visiting Armenia has been on Kim’s bucket list forever.

“They are all so excited! They want to learn about their heritage.”

Details of the trip are still being finalised, but the sisters are expected to be accompanied by some of their cousins and Kim, 34, is keen for her 17-month-old daughter North to join the group, while Kourtney plans to take her three kids, Mason, five, Penelope, two, and four-week-old Reign.

Kim’s husband Kanye West also hopes to be there if his schedule allows, though it is not clear whether Kourtney’s partner Scott Disick will make the trip.

Kim has previously admitted visiting Armenia is her “dream”.

She has said: “People ask all the time if I am from there and unfortunately I have never been to Armenia, but it’s my dream to go there for sure!”

And the brunette beauty has also admitted her father – who died of cancer in 2003 – would be very “proud” of how she and her sisters embrace their heritage.

She has said: “My great-grandfather was Armenian and my great-grandmother Turkish-Armenian. My mother is English, so I am half Armenian, but, I was raised with a huge Armenian influence, always hearing stories of Armenia, eating Armenian food and celebrating Armenian holidays.

“My father would be so proud that we talk about our Armenian heritage! My dad used to always tell us to never remove the -ian from our last name like some Armenians that came to the US.

“He was so proud to be Armenian and his biggest regret was not sending us to Armenian school! I am so proud to be Armenian and so happy that I can identify with my Armenian fans!”

Chris Brown concert ends in shooting

London – A Chris Brown concert ended in a shooting.

The 25-year-old singer was performing one of his tracks, ‘Loyal’, at a nightclub in San Jose, California in the early hours of Sunday morning, when he noticed a group of people fighting in the far corner.

A video obtained by gossip site TMZ shows Chris being distracted by the kerfuffle at the back of the club.

Gunshots can then be heard, with the crowd quickly dispersing to avoid being in the line of fire.

The ‘Yeah 3X’ hitmaker was quickly ushered off the stage by security and did not suffer any injuries.

However, five people were taken to hospital following the shooting.

An attendee could be heard screaming: “Oh my god, oh my god, there’s a gun. Somebody’s shooting.”

Police reportedly detained several people but it remains unclear as to whether anyone has been arrested.

It is not the first time someone has been injured at an event hosted by Chris Brown.

Music mogul, Suge Knight, “lost a lot of blood” and was seriously injured after being shot six times during the singer’s party in August last year.

He had to have surgery at Cedars Sinai hospital after the incident but has since recovered.

Artist paints Kim Kardashian using his privates

Danish artist Uwe Max Jensen has used his manhood to paint a portrait of Kim Kardashian’s infamous ‘break the internet’ photo-shoot, before uploading the finished artwork to the internet, along with a series of bizarre pictures chronicling the creation of the piece.
Mr Jensen has outlined his unorthodox methods on his blog.

He wrote: ‘It’s always a challenge to smear an entire canvas using only the natural brush, but with the right attitude it goes anyway.’

Chris Rock-ed in divorce battle

Chris Rock’s estranged wife wants sole custody of their daughters.

The 49-year-old comedian filed for divorce from Malaak Compton-Rock last week after 19 years of marriage and she reportedly wants to stop him from seeing their daughters Lola Simone, 12, and Zahra Savannah, 10.

A source close to Chris – who wants shared legal and physical custody – said: “He lives for his children. They come first. When he was doing a publicity tour for ‘Top Five,’ he made it clear it had to be scheduled around being able to take his daughters to school and pick them up.”

Chris and Malaak, 45, did sign a pre-nuptial agreement in 1996 but it could be a “key battleground” in their divorce as it may have expired because it was created so long ago, with the ‘Top Five’ star arguing it became void after 18 years of marriage.

Though the couple have only just announced their separation, insiders say they had been having problems for “some time”.

The source told the New York Post newspaper’s Page Six column: “Chris just wasn’t happy in the marriage anymore. There is no third party involved .?.?. Chris and his wife had previously separated and got back together, so there have been problems for some time.”

Selena Gomez can’t shake her past

Selena Gomez “hates” being known as Justin Bieber’s girlfriend.

The 22-year-old singer – who dated the ‘As Long As You Love Me’ hitmaker on and off for the past three years – is reportedly fed up of people linking her to the 20-year-old pop star.

A source explained: “Hearing that she is with Justin and should be with Justin or shouldn’t be with Justin is exhausting.

“She always reads about herself and Google’s herself and she hates being known as Justin’s girlfriend or not his girlfriend.

“She wants to be known in her eyes and to others as Selena Gomez.”

The ‘Come And Get It’ hitmaker – who is currently enjoying a holiday with models, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid – is struggling with the public split from her ex and is getting support from her family.

A source added to “During the holidays and New Year’s she wants and plans to keep it simple and with the ones she loves and that is family. Family is more important then Justin right now!”

Selena celebrated Christmas with her relatives in her hometown of Dallas, Texas and was initially worried the break up would ruin her festive downtime.

A source said previously: “Selena’s planning to be in Texas with her family for Christmas, but she’s very worried that she won’t be able to enjoy herself because she’s so upset over Justin.

“She’s having a lot of anxiety. Knowing that Justin is spending all his time with Hailey is eating her up.”

French called Khloe 5000 times a day

Khloe Kardashian thinks French Montana is a “tad bit crazy”.

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star – who dated the 30-year-old rapper on and off for the last year – admitted that the relationship was “fun”.

Speaking in an episode of ‘Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons’, the 30-year-old television personality – who was dating French at the time of filming – said: “I have so much fun with French because he’s definitely a tad bit crazy; I’m entertained at all times.”

Khloe also revealed that her relationship with French had both highs and lows, admitting that he was clingy at times.

She explained: “There’s highs and lows in every relationship. I have no idea why French calls me 5,000 times a day.”

Meanwhile, Khloe recently admitted that she “jumped” into her relationship with French too soon after filing for divorce from her estranged husband, Lamar Odom.

She shared: “It’s nothing against French. I just think I don’t want a boyfriend.

“I jumped into something because I was just, like, lonely and destructive. But now I’m like, I just want to be alone.

“I gotta grieve. I’m still married.”

Kourtney Kardashian, 35 – Khloe’s older sister – also shared how she thought her sibling rushed into things.

She said: “I really do like French. I think that Khloe has a lot of fun with him.

“But I think that Khloe did rush into a relationship really quickly.”

Mickey Mouse is an asshole

Christina Aguilera reportedly called Mickey Mouse an “asshole”.

The 34-year-old star celebrated her birthday at Disney’s California Adventure theme park last week and is said to have got into a heated argument with the popular cartoon character.

The ‘Genie In A Bottle’ hitmaker wanted to have her and her friends’ picture taken with Mickey but as he was due a break she was told she would have to wait until he came back, which is when she flew into a rage, gossip site reports.

Christina is said to have called the man dressed in a Mickey Mouse costume an “asshole” before questioning whether he knew she was famous by saying, “Do you know who I am?”

The blonde beauty’s crew is also reported to have begun hurling abuse at the amusement park’s employee, resulting in him being taken to a safe zone and the police being phoned.

However, it’s claimed that by the time law enforcement arrived, Christina – who, along with actor Ryan Gosling and former pop star couple Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, was a member of The Mickey Mouse Club as a child – and her pals had already left.

The ‘Beautiful’ singer failed to recall the incident when posting an image of her and her friends on Instagram, however.

Alongside the snap she wrote: “Fun birthday celebration at the happiest place on earth #disneyland (sic).”

Who’s your daddy, Harry?

A new play claims Britain’s Prince Harry was fathered by James Hewitt.

The West End production, titled ‘Truth, Lies, Diana’, suggests that the 30-year-old prince was fathered by the former Household Cavalry officer and not Prince Charles.

Hewitt personally admitted his relationship with Princess Diana started 18 months prior to Harry’s birth, according to writer Jon Conway, who also confirmed that Hewitt is happy for the revelation to be used in the play.

In one scene, Hewitt’s character says: “Diana and I started our relationship more than a year before Harry was born.

“Now that doesn’t prove that I am his father. It’s just the inconvenient truth.”

Conway spent two years interviewing Hewitt, 56, who he says made some “remarkable” admissions during their conversations.

The writer shared: “There is a startling revelation that James Hewitt makes and he has allowed me to make it in the play.

“This is the fact that his relationship with Diana started 18 months before Prince Harry was born.”

The controversial play is based on a series of books by investigative journalist John Morgan, as well as interviews with Hewitt and Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell.

Will Simon father his own boy band?

Simon Cowell’s son Eric is to make a cameo appearance in a One Direction video.

The music mogul thinks an on-screen appearance alongside the boys of 1D – Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan – would be a great introduction to fame for ten-month-old Eric, who is currently on holiday in Barbados with Simon, 55, and mother Lauren Silverman, 37.

A source explained: “Simon was saying how much Eric loves playing on his little drum set and how he is already into music.

“He said he’d like to see his son in a One Direction video and thinks it’d be hilarious.”

Although it’s not clear whether Simon was being serious when he suggested Eric would appear in the next 1D video, the insider believes it is a very real possibility.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the source added: “With Simon it’s always hard to tell whether he’s being fully serious. But you also never know what he has up his sleeve.

“And he is certainly accustomed to getting his own way.

“So don’t be surprised if the boys are not the youngest stars of their next video for a change.”

Miss World ’58 has some advice for Rolene

Penny Coelen Rey, crowned Miss World in 1958, says she will never forget the night the crown was placed on her head. She was just 18 years old.

“It felt like I was in a trance-like state. As they placed the crown on my head I couldn’t believe that I had won. It only became a reality when it sank in days later, Rey told the Cape Argus on Monday.

Fifty six years later, the memories of her reign are still fresh in her mind as 22-year old Mpumalanga beauty Rolene Strauss brought the crown home on Sunday, beating off 124 contestants from around the world.

The competition, held at London’s ExCel Centre, saw the contestants parading in their national costumes, evening gowns and showing off their dance moves.

Strauss is in her fourth year of medicine at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, and is the first South African to win the title in 40 years.

The last Miss South Africa to win the Miss World title was Anneline Kriel, in 1974. Woodstock-born Margaret Gardiner became Miss Universe in the Miss Universe pageant in 1978. She now lives in Los Angeles.

Speaking from her Zimbali Estate home in Durban, Rey said: “Strauss deserves the title and will represent the country well.”

Rey, a secretary in Durban at the time, outshone her eight competitors in the eighth Miss World pageant.

The crown comes with a lot of attention and pressure to perform and look your best at all times, said Rey.

“I tried to be as natural as possible. I took it all in my stride and I did my best not to let the success go to my head.

“Strauss will now be inundated with offers and my advice to her is to read the fine print in all the contracts and be involved with making all the big career decisions.

“I was young and a free agent at the time. I had someone taking my calls and messages, but not anyone offering me professional advice.

“She is older and smart, and surrounded by people who are looking after her best interests. I trust that she will make the right decisions,” she said.

Social networks continued to buzz with good wishes and messages of support for Strauss the whole of Monday.

The gospel according to Oprah?

Oprah Winfrey always wanted her own church.

The 60-year-old talk show host “idolised” pastor and civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. when she was younger and admits moving into television was the closest career path she could find to emulating his leadership.

She said: “I was so enthralled by Dr. King. I wanted to be Dr. King. I wanted to grow up and have my own church, run my own congregation and be my own order and lead the people. I didn’t exactly do that, but my television show was a way of doing that.

“He was an enormous influence on me. Mrs. King was a personal friend of mine until she died. I have a great respect for the legacy of what he left for all of us.”

However, Oprah insists she hasn’t achieved anything that compares to the humanitarian – who was assassinated in 1968 – and thinks his endeavours were unique.

Speaking at the premiere of ‘Selma’ – a historical drama about Dr. King which she has a supporting role in and helped finance – she told the New York Post newspaper’s Page Six column: “In every generation there comes along a person like Dr. King who has the ability to garner the hearts and the spirits of a nation, to help people to see in themselves what they could not possibly believe could be true.

“In my life, I do work to help people from all different backgrounds and I joined this project to help Ava DuVernay and David Oyelowo. I wanted to see them succeed.”

Beyonce is a Google favourite

Beyonce is the most searched for female star on Google in the UK this year.

The ‘XO’ singer has come under the spotlight over the last 12 months, with rumours suggesting that her marriage to hip-hop superstar Jay Z was on the rocks after he was seen clashing with Solange Knowles – Beyonce’s younger sister – in an elevator.

Video footage of the incident appeared on the internet and prompted speculation that their six-year marriage was in trouble.

What’s more, the 33-year-old beauty released a full platinum edition of her fifth studio album ‘Beyonce’, while she and Jay Z also embarked on their ‘On The Run’ tour.

Elsewhere, ‘Hunger Games’ actress Jennifer Lawrence was the second most searched for female on Google, having been among the victims of the photo hacking scandal earlier this year.

Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift completed the top five.

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran topped the list of male celebrities, with Jay Z having to settle for second place.

One Direction singer Harry Styles, Benedict Cumberbatch and David Beckham appeared in third, fourth and fifth places respectively.
Most searched for female stars on Google:

1) Beyonce

2) Jennifer Lawrence

3) Katy Perry

4) Ariana Grande

5) Taylor Swift

Most searched for male stars on Google:

1) Ed Sheeran

2) Jay Z

3) Harry Styles

4) Benedict Cumberbatch

5) David Beckham

Mr Bond … we’ve been hacking you

JAMES BOND has seen off countless dastardly villains in his time – but he might have met his match in North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

For the leader of the communist regime is believed to be behind the leaking online of a working draft of the script for the next 007 film.

And he is also thought to be responsible for the revelation of a number of embarrassing emails which show producers’ scathing criticisms of the £190 million production.

The leak followed a cyber-attack on Sony Studios, which is making the film with MGM.

Other emails put online by the attackers have already caused huge embarrassment in Hollywood.

Filming of Spectre, the 24th movie in the James Bond series, began last week, with Daniel Craig returning as 007. He will star alongside Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux.

Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz also stars, and is believed to be playing Ernst Blofeld, Bond’s iconic nemesis who is set to return decades after his last appearance.

But while there’s huge anticipation surrounding the follow-up movie to Skyfall, behind the scenes studio executives have said the script is a huge disappointment, and have complained that writers have ‘wasted’ Blofeld’s return.

In one withering put-down, MGM film division president Jonathan Glickman says of the finale in the script: ‘You guys set me up for a let-down on the climax. So I was not surprised.’

It has been revealed that Glickman is disappointed by the entire premise of the story, in which Bond battles Spectre after the evil organisation takes over a number of Western spy agencies.

He writes of Spectre’s plan, as portrayed in the film: ‘They should need the combined resources of all the intelligence agencies to pull it off. Surely there is something more pressing than suppressing one document.’

The leaked notes also reveal dismay that the return of arch-villain Blofeld – famous for stroking his white cat – is being thrown away.

Referring to scenes that seemingly fail to pass muster, one studio executive writes: ‘Also, there needs to be some kind of a twist rather than a series of watery chases with guns. This is Blofeld after all. What does he have up his sleeve?’ In another fierce barb, a producer says of the climax: ‘We need to cut 20 pages and this whole set-piece could go.’

Sony producer Elizabeth Cantillon responds to the script by writing ‘rough, rough, rough’ and complains of the end of the film: ‘Bond is simply fighting henchmen in many overblown and familiar sequences – helicopter, elevator shaft, netting.’

The leaked version of the script has Bond destroying part of Mexico City during a rogue operation and facing forced retirement as MI6 merges with MI5. Bellucci, who at 50 is the oldest Bond girl, plays the wife of a man Bond assassinates.

Director Sam Mendes is likely to have been left in a fury by the leaking of the script, which has been worked on extensively by several writers, including Neal Purvis and Robert Wade – who authored Skyfall – and acclaimed British playwright Jez Butterworth.

One Hollywood insider told The Mail on Sunday: ‘The script is still being worked on, even though filming has started. There has been a lot of concern that the script isn’t up to par. Very few people working on the film have seen a complete version because it’s simply not ready.’

Hollywood has been in uproar over the massive cyber-attack on Sony. Hackers calling themselves the Guardians of Peace said they infiltrated the company’s computers in retaliation for the release of the film The Interview, which will reach US cinemas over Christmas and Britain in February.

Made by Sony and starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, the comedy features the assassination of Kim Jong-un, whose head is seen to ‘explode’.

North Korea has denied being behind the leaks but called the hack ‘a righteous deed’. Spectre is scheduled to hit the big screens in November next year.

Kate hides from Harry

Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge is avoiding some of Prince William’s party-loving friends.

The 32-year-old royal, who is currently pregnant with her second child, has been a notable absentee at a number of recent social events and sources close to the couple have suggested the Duchess is trying to steer clear of some of Prince William’s pals.

Over the last 12 months, the Duchess – who was known as Kate Middleton prior to her marriage to Prince William in 2011 – has been absent from her husband’s side on eight major occasions, including four weddings and two holidays.

What’s more, the Duchess missed the recent the christening of Zara Phillips’s daughter Mia.

The Duchess has been suffering with severe morning sickness since she announced her pregnancy, however sources at Buckingham Palace have refused to cite that as the reason for her absence and people close to the couple have suggested to the Mail on Sunday newspaper that she’s simply keen to avoid William’s party-loving friends.

The suggestion comes shortly after the couple travelled to New York City together, where they watched a basketball game and met music stars Jay Z and Beyonce.

Hollywood’s most powerful woman in peril

Amy Pascal, one of the most powerful women in the man’s world that is Hollywood and the force behind such critical and commercial hits as “The Social Network” and “American Hustle” has had better days.

The co-chairman of the studio and chief of its film division is under fire for racist remarks about President Obama’s presumed choice in movies that surfaced in emails made public by the Sony cyberattack.

Pascal also faces criticism for green-lighting the film that may have inspired the hacking to begin with: “The Interview,” which stars Seth Rogen and James Franco as bumbling journalists tasked with killing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

North Korea has denied responsibility for the attack, but praised it as a “righteous deed.” Earlier this year, the country’s foreign ministry said the film’s release would be an “act of war” and promised “merciless” retaliation.

“The Interview” is not the first film to target political leaders, or even North Korea. “Team America: World Police” famously took aim at Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il. This also isn’t the first time a powerful executive has been dogged by private comments made public. But can Pascal’s career survive such a double whammy?

The 56-year-old thinks so.

“I’d be surprised if my entire legacy was based on the leak of the email exchange,” Pascal told industry website The Wrap on Thursday. Virtually unknown outside of Hollywood, her nearly 20-year tenure at Sony and Columbia Pictures has included some very well-known films, such as “Skyfall,” “Superbad,” “Salt,” “Fury” and “The Equalizer.” Pascal was fourth on The Hollywood Reporter’s annual ranking released this week of the most powerful women in entertainment.

She apologized Thursday for the “insensitive and inappropriate” comments in her emails that she says are “not an accurate reflection of who I am.” Oscar-winning producer Scott Rudin, who participated in the racist exchange, apologized as well. Rudin, incidentally, was a producer of “Team America.”

Pascal’s decision to bring “The Interview” to theaters isn’t as problematic as the unflattering image created by her own private emails, said branding expert Dorie Clark.

“She’s on solid ground rhetorically when she talks about the fact that Sony Pictures Entertainment is never going to back down from releasing a film because of the threat of what hackers might do,” Clark said.

Rogen thanked Pascal for having the courage to make the film at its premiere Thursday, where Sony took the unusual step of denying press interviews.

Clark said Pascal’s professional network will determine the continued viability of her career.

“What’s going to decide her future is how close she is with her boss and what kind of relationship she has with the board. This scandal is survivable,” she said. “It depends on how many people there are in Hollywood who want to put a knife in her back.”

Clark said Sony’s financial success under Pascal is likely to play positively into her fate, noting the company’s revenues are up 13 percent over the past fiscal year.

Crisis-management specialist Michael Levine said corporate leaders are far more forgiving of those who are generating profits, especially since Pascal followed the “four golden rules of redemption” after the email leak: Contrition, humility, taking responsibility and responding quickly.

“If one is successful for an organization, they’re given every benefit of the doubt,” he said.

Pascal and Sony did not respond to requests for comment Friday.

The massive Sony hack not only revealed private emails sent by top executives, it also made thousands of employee Social Security numbers public and leaked five new Sony films, including “Annie,” which opens next week.

The juiciest aspect, though, has been the emails, which offer an uncensored peek behind the curtain of how Hollywood does business. In one of the messages, Rudin called Angelina Jolie a “minimally talented spoiled brat.” Pascal and Jolie crossed paths this week at an industry breakfast event, but no fireworks flew.

Ironically, the flap over the hack attack could boost box office returns for “The Interview,” which opens on Christmas.

“The circumstances are nothing anyone would covet or want in their marketing plan… But now that it’s happened, it may end up helping the movie,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for box-office tracker Rentrak. “It’s raised the awareness of the film to an incredible level that it otherwise might not have enjoyed were it not for this situation.”

LiLo finds love in London

Lindsay Lohan has fallen for a city banker.

The 28-year-old actress – who has just completed a stint in ‘Speed-The-Plow’ in London’s West End – is reportedly keen to stay in the capital city so she can be with her new boyfriend.

A source revealed: “Lindsay has made her mind up, she has loved her time in London and wants to stay.

“She is so happy there, she’s got her boyfriend who she absolutely adores. She hopes that this one will work out.”

The ‘Mean Girls’ star – who has struggled with alcohol and drugs in the past – is glad to leave her “troubled past” behind.

The insider continued to the Sunday Mirror newspaper: “What she loves the most is that she is able to leave her troubled past behind her in the UK.

“Lindsay feels that she’s done in America, that all of the problems she had won’t be forgotten, that she won’t be regarded as that young girl who took drugs and went to prison.”

Lindsay – who is hoping to find another theatre role in London – will spend Christmas in New York with her close relatives before travelling back to England in the new year.

Miley better call the ex-Terminator

Miley Cyrus’ new boyfriend is mortified by the state of her home.

Patrick Schwarzenegger is smitten with the ‘Wrecking Ball’ hitmaker but is put off by her habits of dropping cigarette ash on her furniture and allowing her many animals to go to the toilet wherever they want.

A source told heat magazine: “Patrick went to her house after they partied on Halloween but he’s not spending much time there.

“There was dog poop everywhere and her once-white couch is covered in burn marks and unidentifiable stains.”

It was claimed recently that Maria Shriver – Patrick’s mother – is “very worried” about how her son is being influenced by his new girlfriend.

Maria became concerned after seeing photos of Miley on a bucking bronco shaped like a manhood at her 22nd birthday party last month.

A source explained: “The birthday party with all the penis pictures disgusted her. That was the worst thing Miley could have done.

“Maria is very, very worried about the influence Miley’s having on Patrick. She fully believes that you become who you surround yourself with and she’s always been so happy with the friends Patrick chooses, she never saw this coming.”

Jennifer Aniston has a potty mouth

Jennifer Aniston likes to tell “dirty jokes” like her ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ character.

The 45-year-old actress admits she’s not too dissimilar from her comedic alter-ego, devious dentist Dr. Julia Harris, because she too likes to have people in fits of laughter with her crude humour and potty mouth.

Asked whether she tells dirty jokes like Dr. Julia in real life, Jennifer replied: “Of course! I mean, I’m not rude in front of people I don’t know, but I tell a dirty joke now and then! I’m not squeaky clean … I’d have to say, ‘f**k’ is my favourite curse word. That’s a pretty good one.”

The brunette beauty – who is engaged to Justin Theroux – couldn’t wait to get back into her role as Dr. Julia following the success of the first movie in 2011 because she loves the way she can let herself go on set and become an “outrageous” character, who wears skimpy leather and sexy lingerie.

She explained to Australia’s OK! magazine: “I couldn’t wait . I was probably the first one on set. I was in costume a year before it was happening! I love Dr. Julia a lot. I just think it’s so fun to be able to dress up and be outrageous, insane and as honest and earnest as she is.”

Fur the sake of Kim’s marriage

Kanye West has reportedly spent $7,000 on a Christmas present for his wife, Kim Kardashian West.

The ‘Stronger’ hitmaker was seen browsing the designer section in the Montaigne market in Paris, France on Friday (12.12.14) when a fur jacket caught his eye.

The Yves Salomon fox fur jacket has a price tag of around $7,000, according to a report by the MailOnline.

Meanwhile, Kim – who has 17-month-old North with the rapper – has reportedly set her heart on commissioning an “artistic” sculpture of her bottom as a present for the 37-year-old.

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ – who posed nude for Paper magazine in a bid to break the internet – has reportedly paid over $20,000 for a Silicon replica of her behind.

A source recently revealed: “The replica was her idea for a gift, she thinks it’s artistic and knew Kanye would love it.

“It means he’ll always have a piece of her, albeit her bum, if Kim’s away working.”

Despite planning each other’s Christmas gifts, rumours have circulated that the pair’s relationship is on the rocks.

A source previously explained that Kim is “determined” to make her relationship work, after watching her mother, Kris Jenner’s, very public split from Bruce Jenner earlier this year.

The source shared: “Kim is determined to make this work because she does not want to ever have to go through what she is watching her mom and Bruce go through.”

Bieber’s new baby

Justin Bieber was spotted “flirting” with Hailey Baldwin.

The ‘As Long As You Love Me’ hitmaker – who is rumoured to be seeing the 18-year-old model – was filmed enjoying a “date” with her at State Social House in West Hollywood on Friday.
A photographer at the scene told GNR:

“Justin and Hailey were definitely on a date. He was in a great mood – dancing, drinking, flirting with Hailey.

“She seems kind of shy, which may be one reason Bieber likes her. He’s used to girls throwing themselves at him and she’s just low key. She’s kinda like one of the boys – but hot!”

The pair reportedly arrived at the gastropub in Justin’s red Ferrari before being escorted to a private space at the venue.

The 20-year-old singer is believed to have even asked her to dance with him and whilst they were chatting, Justin was spotted biting his lip.

Meanwhile, Hailey – who is the niece of Hollywood star Alec Baldwin – recently denied the rumours that her and Justin were dating.

She said previously: “I’ve known him since I was so young – since I was like 13 – and we’ve just been good friends over the years.

“We have just stayed close and there’s nothing more to it than that.”

Rolene’s crowning glory as new Miss World

London – It’s been about 40 years, but once again South Africa can lay claim to being home to the fairest of them all.

Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss has been crowned Miss World, becoming the first Miss South Africa to take this prestigious title since Anneline Kriel’s reign in 1974.

An ecstatic Strauss beat 124 contestants from around the globe at the pageant in London on Sunday night. Her runners-up were Miss Hungary Edina Kulcsar and Miss United States Elizabeth Safrit.

The fourth-year Volksrust medical student was also the bookmakers’ favourite to win the title – and she didn’t disappoint.

In her acceptance speech, Strauss said she was proud and humbled to have won and that her dreams had become reality: “My country is my pride and my purpose has and will always lie within it.”

When Strauss won the Miss South Africa title in March, she said in her acceptance speech that she had goosebumps just thinking about the title.

“In my country we are all here from different backgrounds and cultures but we have one thing in common – we are South Africans. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to represent such a diverse nation.”

Strauss is known for her drive, what she brought to the title and how she has represented South Africa not only nationally, but also internationally.

“Not only has the Miss South Africa title taken me places, but I have also learnt from the women who walked this path before me. Together with my visions and dreams, I can catapult the meaning and relevance of the Miss World title to an even higher level.”

Throughout her reign, Strauss has emphasised her passion for health and fitness. “It’s all about living, loving and giving.”

She has emphasised the importance of women’s health and its empowering effect on our everyday lives.

“We are capable of so much more when we are healthy; physically, mentally and emotionally.

“As I stand before you my dream is now a reality, my journey now at its beginning.

“I am part of something bigger, part of a beautiful picture painted with different colours, cultures, backgrounds and dreams. We are all part of the painting.”

Using the hashtag #MissWorld2014, Twitter paid homage to the the Miss World 2014 beauty queen.

@NicciBuirski posted: “Of course Miss SA is Miss World 2014… We do indeed have the world’s most beautiful, elegant and intelligent women.

@RMoerat: “You just amplified my being proud to be South African.”

@zubeidajaffer: “Congratulations Rolene Strauss – Miss South Africa. UFS medical student.”

@SelineVW: “Yeah for @RoleneStrauss for winning #MissWorld2014 – beautiful and crazy intelligent. #ProudlySA.”

@Kelitaria: “Huge congrats to @RoleneStrauss. Another beautiful #southafrican woman takes the crown at #MissWorld2014.”

@michvz1991: “I’ve been negative towards SA these last couple of days/weeks… but along came the beautiful @RoleneStrauss #MissWorld2014 #PROUD.”

@TeamSamantha_SA: “Yipppeeee SA Stand Up!!!! This one is for the whole of Africa. Congratulations Roelene Strauss.”

@UlrichJvV: “Congratulations @RoleneStrauss crowned #MissWorld2014! You have made all South Africa so proud! Now go own the World!”

@Kmotso_M: “Not long ago I was at Sun City and witnessed her being crowned and today she is MissWorld2014 at only 22 whooo.”

@Ashwinwillemse: “What a proud moment for all #SouthAfrica. Congratulations @RoleneStrauss on being crowned #MissWorld2014.”

Elton John’s festive wedding

Sir Elton John and David Furnish will get married in a “small and intimate ceremony” next weekend.

The 67-year-old singer and his 52-year-old partner have invited 50 of their friends and family – including the likes of David and Victoria Beckham, Elizabeth Hurley and Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne – to their home in Windsor, Berkshire, South East England, for the ceremony on December 21.

A friend explained: “Elton and David have been planning this for months.

“Elton is flamboyant but, for once, this will be decidedly low-key affair. Only close friends and family are invited – it’s going to be a small, intimate do.”

The couple – who have been together for 21 years and exchanged vows in a civil partnership ceremony in 2005 – are planning for their two sons, Zachary, three, and Elijah, 23 months, to be ringbearers during the ceremony.

The source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “It’s important to David and Elton the boys play a special part.”

Guests at the ceremony will be treated to festive-themed canapes and mulled wine.

It only became legal to convert civil partnerships in to marriage two days ago and the couple’s wedding promises a much different affair to that they staged nine years ago, which featured 650 guests, including Lulu and Ringo Starr.

‘Drake hospitalised after P Diddy punches him’

45-year-old rap mogul, Sean Combs, a.k.a P Diddy allegedly smacked 28-year-old singer Drake outside the Fountainbleau hotel in Miami.

“Drake definitely got the s–t kicked out of him,” said Bullet magazine editor Ray LeMoine, who’d been partying at LIV earlier that weekend and got a flurry of texts from friends who’d stayed behind”I heard they were taking him to the hospital.”

Some witnesses said the beef stemmed from Drake disrespecting Diddy by using music without proper rights

Others said the face-off came after a drunk Drake made an offensive comment to Diddy’s girlfriend, singer Cassie Ventura, 28.

“(Diddy) had his security walk over to Drake’s table and let them know that Diddy wanted to talk to him outside around 4 a.m.,” a club insider told The News on Monday.

Both entertainers marched outside with their entourages in towWithin 20 minutes, the fight was over and Diddy was back inside the nightclub chilling in a V.I.P booth.

Drake reportedly left the club after the two scuffle.

“Diddy punched Drake three times,” a witness who was at the club at the time of the fight told The News.

Sources confirmed that Diddy and Drake were both staying at the upscale hotel during the weeklong Art Basel festival.

“Diddy put hands on that boy … And he ain’t go 0-100 … That boy left,” wrote DJ Sam Sneak on Twitter, alongside an emoji of a sleeping face.

“Drake at the hospital smh,” he also wrote”He dislocated his shoulderYall pray for Drake.”

It could not be immediately confirmed that Drake went to the hospital with injuries.

Representatives for both musicians did not respond to requests for comment.

DJ Same Sneak later tweeted, “It definitely wasn’t bout Cassie.”

The fight erupted just hours after R&B singer Chris Brown revealed he ended his relationship with model Karrueche Tran because she cheated on him with Drake — an accusation neither Tran nor Drake has confirmed or denied.

The bad blood between Drake and Brown goes back to June 2012 when they got into a bottle-throwing brawl over Rihanna at the W.i.Pnightclub in SoHo.

Man goes to jail for stealing from Paul Walker crash site

California — A man who stole part of the Porsche that Fast and the Furious actor Paul Walker died in has been sentenced to six months in jail.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office says 26-year-old Anthony Janow was sentenced Tuesday in Southern California.

Paul and Roger Rodas, who was driving the car, died in November 2013 when their speeding Porsche Carrera GT hit a tree and a light pole in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Clarita.

Prosecutors say Janow and a friend stole a roof panel when a tow truck carrying the wreckage stopped at a red light.

Janow and 19-year-old Jameson Witty each pleaded no contest to grand theft, destroying evidence and obstructing a peace officer.

Witty was sentenced earlier this year to six months in jail.

Do these movies make your top 10 list?

New York – The American Film Institute on Monday named the coming-of-age tale Boyhood, the sci-fi epic Interstellar and the civil-rights drama Selma among its top movies of the year.
The AFI actually chose 11 movies for its annual top 10 list.

The group’s other choices were: Angelina Jolie’s World War II drama, Unbroken; the wrestling drama Foxcatcher; the show business satire Birdman; the Disney musical Into the Woods; the Los Angeles noir Nightcrawler; the jazz school drama Whiplash; Clint Eastwood’s Navy SEAL thriller, American Sniper; and the World War II code-breaker tale The Imitation Game.

The honours mark a non-competitive reprieve from Hollywood’s award season, as well as a preview of what the best picture category could theoretically look like at the Academy Awards. (The Oscars best picture category includes five to 10 films, depending on voting.)
Films that may vie for a best picture nod that the AFI overlooked include the Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything, the Gillian Flynn adaptation Gone Girl and Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.

In early awards, Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, filmed over 12 years, has emerged as the front runner. It was chosen as the year’s best film by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and the New York Film Critics Circle. The race will take another turn Thursday when nominations are announced for the Golden Globes.
The AFI also named its top 10 television shows of the year: The Americans, Fargo, Game of Thrones, How to Get Away With Murder, Jane the Virgin, The Knick, Mad Men, Orange Is the New Black, Silicon Valley and Transparent.
The AFI Awards are chosen by a jury made up of the institute’s trustees, critics and scholars. They will be handed out at a Jan. 11 luncheon in Los Angeles.

Halle Berry orders forensic test on daughter’s hair

Los Angeles – Halle Berry reportedly ordered for her daughter’s hair to be forensically tested.

The Extant actress – who is in the middle of a bitter divorce from Gabriel Aubry – has accused her former partner of bleaching their child’s hair.

According to gossip website TMZ, Halle had strands of hair from 6-year-old Nahla’s hairbrush sent off to Microtrace, a forensic consulting laboratory.

Papers submitted to the court by the 48-year-old actress reportedly state that the company concluded that the hair had “extensive damage … [which is] likely the cumulative effect of repeated exposure to numerous gentle bleaching treatments”.

Gabriel denied that he was straightening and lightening her hair using chemicals and defended the lighter colour, insisting it was just from spending time in the sun.

The judge is believed to have ruled that neither of Nahla’s parents were allowed to change her hair.

Meanwhile, a recent report alleges that Halle wants to have her child support payments cut by 80 per cent.

A court previously ordered her to pay $16 000 a month, a figure which she wants reducing to just $3,000, because she claims Gabriel is just living entirely off the money he receives from her.

Documents submitted to the court by Halle state that the model is “perfectly capable” of getting a job and that the reduced payments will still make sure Nahla can live comfortably, if supplemented by his own wages.

Joaquin Phoenix is engaged!

Los Angeles – Joaquin Phoenix is engaged.

The 40-year-old actor proposed to his yoga instructor girlfriend, after she made him perform a complicated yoga move during a gym session.

The Her star revealed the news during his interview segment on The Late Show With David Letterman on Monday and he even got down on the ground to demonstrate his new found flexibility.

He shared: “We go out and at first we do these breathing exercises and I go, ‘I can do this. It’s pretty good.’ And then she says, ‘We are going to get into this first position, harnessing of the hog.’ The harnessing of the hog, they have all these weird animal names.”

“Before I can say, ‘Who’s the hog?’ She grabs me.”

Joaquin then proceeded to contort his body into an unusual shape as he shouted out to host David Letterman: “It’s a compromising and vulnerable position.”

“She gets a strap and puts it around my shoulder and she pulls me up.She’s pulling and thrusting me and I go, ‘Oh no stop, my back is in pain.’ And she goes, ‘No it’s emotional back pain.'”

The three-time Academy Award nominated actor then dropped the bombshell as he revealed how he had proposed to the mysterious gym girl after their encounter.

He said: “This is the crazy part of the story … we started dating. And I think she’s the one. I proposed to her and she said yes!

“I don’t know what that says about me. Nothing good, right?” Watch Video here:

US police open inquiry into Cosby allegations

New York – Police in Los Angeles have opened an official inquiry into sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby.
A woman has accused the 77-year-old actor and comedian of forcing her to commit a sexual act in 1974 when she was 15. A police spokesperson said on Saturday that the police had met with the woman.

Meanwhile, Cosby’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame was vandalised with someone writing “rapist” on it three times. Police said the star has since been cleaned.
Cosby, a prominent star of film and television and a father of five, has been previously accused of sexual assault. He has never been charged.

Kelly Rowland mourning death of her mother a month after giving birth

Singer Kelly Rowland is mourning the death of her mother Doris just a month after giving birth.

The 33-year-old singer, who gave birth to her first child, Titan, with husband Tim Witherspoon on November 4, has confirmed Doris Rowland Garrison, 66, passed away on Tuesday, one day after going into cardiac arrest.

In a statement to E! News, the former Destiny’s Child star said: “It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of my mother, Doris Rowland Garrison.

“She was an incredible soul who made countless sacrifices so that I could become the woman–and now mother–I am todayWe humbly appreciate all the love and support and only ask for privacy during this difficult time.”

The Motivation singer praised Doris for enabling her to “dream so big” in a public letter she penned for Mother’s Day in 2008.

She wrote at the time: “Momma, I remember when you’d clap your hands and listen as I sang along every week to the theme song for the show ‘Amen’

You’d look at me like I was the sun and the moon and say, ‘Sing up, baby…a little louder.’

It meant so much that you believed in me”It was because of your strength and sacrifice that I was able to dream so big.”

Silence falls on London’s recording studios

Historic UK studio used by Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and Bono is being torn down and turned into luxury flats.

London, United Kingdom – When the likes of Bono, Ed Sheeran and Chris Martin recently descended upon a non-descript side street in West London to record “Do They Know it’s Christmas?”, they were marking more than the song’s 30-year anniversary.

The single that has topped the charts in the UK – a remake of Band Aid’s 1984 Christmas charity effort for famine relief in Africa – will also likely be the last number-one song recorded in the iconic Sarm Studios before its redevelopment into luxury flats. 

Once home to Bob Marley, the converted chapel – launched as Basing Street Studios in 1969 by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell – is set to become another casualty on a long list of notable music and film studios in London that have succumbed to technological advances and skyrocketing property prices. 

“It’s like the worst breakup of my life,” said producer Aaron Horn, whose family made the difficult decision to demolish the studios where Marley’s Exodus, Led Zeppelin IV and Queen’s celebratory We Are The Champions were recorded.

Horn’s father Trevor acquired the space in 1982 and renamed it Sarm, an acronym of his company’s name, Sound and Recorded Mobile. In 1984, he donated studio time at Sarm to Bob Geldof for the recording of Band Aid’s original Christmas anthem.

Inspirational place

“I personally will be very sad for Sarm, because I think that building is the heritage for Bob Marley,” said record producer Robin Millar, who started his career on Basing Street before acquiring three studios in London.

Horn said the family refused to sell the entire lot to property developers as other studios had. Instead, the recording facilities will be downsised into a purpose-built basement, making way for nine flats and a garage in one of the trendiest areas of London.

Along with the studio’s vintage consoles, microphone collection and partitions, Bob Marley’s specially designed one-metre-deep shower bath will also remain on-site.

“There was always a want from the family to try and retain as much for music use as possible, but we have to be realistic,” Horn said. “We’ll get a similar usage out of probably a tenth of the space. The recording studio rental market just isn’t what it used to be.”

Horn explained that bands today usually book small rooms for short recording sessions, whereas in the past, artists such as George Michael took nearly a year to record Faith at Sarm.

Millar recalled Sarm’s predecessor, Basing Street, as “a very inspirational place”.

“Basing Street was funky,” he said. “The whole way it was very stylishly designed, the layout, Lucky [Marley’s personal chef] who served up West Indian food. There was a studio cat. Everything about it was a more informal vibe, which suited creative people.”

Millar’s first studio was The Power Plant, where he produced Sade’s multi-platinum album Diamond Life in 1983. He then purchased Maison Rouge in Fulham, where Wham! recorded its debut album. Eventually, both studios were sold to developers.

“Maison Rouge became horribly, sadly, a car park for Chelsea FC,” Millar lamented.

His most ambitious project was buying Whitfield Street Studios in 2005. Boasting the only space in central London large enough to fit an orchestra, and used by artists from Bing Crosby to Ozzy Osbourne, it was barely breaking even when Millar took over with a plan to include film post-production services.

After buying new equipment, however, the studio’s landlord sold the building to a developer who evicted him without a trace of nostalgia. Millar said he lost  £3 million ($4.7m) as a result.

From technicians to MacBooks

Film and television studios face the same affliction as recording studios in London, said Malek Akkad, the former chairman of Twickenham Studios, which was used for the films Gandhi, Blade Runner, and A Hard Day’s Night before being sold to a benefactor in 2012.

Teddington Studios in Richmond (Benny Hill, Pop Idol) is shutting down and being converted into a block of 213 flats.

“What used to take 50 men, at least 20 different rooms, lab developers and on and on, literally someone can now do in a bedroom with a MacBook,” Akkad said. “We’re talking about processing, editing, adding effects and sound designing the footage.”

While Akkad stressed there is still no better experience than shooting at a studio lot, the overhead costs make it “cost-prohibitive to 90 percent of the productions that are going on”.

The most famous creative space in London, however, is secure in its status as a recording facility. Abbey Road Studios, world-renowned as the Beatles’ recording studio, was on the verge of being sold in 2010 while owned by private equity company Terra Firma.

But Sir George Martin, who produced nearly all of the Beatles’ albums at Abbey Road, reached out to English Heritage, a governmental body that aims to preserve historic buildings. It granted the building a Grade II listing given its importance, ensuring that a buyer would “have to go through hoops to get development done”, said Adam Sharp, Martin’s manager.

Sarm Studios, on the other hand, has not been nominated for a Grade listing. Millar said he was surprised that the site had not been protected, and hopes that “the precious few left” are anointed that status.

To some, however, studio closures in London are simply part of a natural progression in big cities. In the US, New York and Nashville have also been losing historic studios to residential development.

Moving on

“With creative spaces, artists tend to find the next area that is in the doldrums,” said John Collier-Wright, whose JR Capital is converting a derelict hotel less than a kilometre away from Sarm into apartments priced at £1,800 ($2,800) per square foot.

“They go, create a vibe there, and then the developers hang onto their coattails … Rather than people recording in a prime residential area, there will be some part of London that they will find. It’s just that the zone gets further out.”

In the meantime, the wrecking balls are set to hit Basing Street in January. After 45 years of continuous recording, Sarm Studios will take a two-year hiatus before reopening with a new look in a basement below deep-pocketed tenants.

“I’m sorry. We kept it going for as long as we could,” said Horn to fans of all the legendary acts that have graced its hardwood floors.

Nevertheless, he added, “I would rather see it change to a sustainable format than stay on like a lumbering beast that might end at any point – however beautiful it is.”

Popular Nollywood Actor Arrested For Kidnapping Banker In Lagos

Operatives of Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, FSARS, Adeniji Adele, Lagos, have arrested an upcoming Nollywood actor and gospel musician (names withheld) and two others in connection with the alleged kidnap of a female banker at Mile 2 area of Lagos.

The actor and his alleged partners were said to have kept their victim in an uncompleted building in Mowe, Ogun State for four days, awaiting response from the captives’ family.

They were reportedly caught while sharing the ransom.

Vanguard gathered that the Commissioner of Police in charge of the squad, Mr. Chris Ezike, acting on a tip-off, deployed teams of policemen to the hide-out, where the suspected kidnapers were rounded up and their victim rescued.

Police sources said the Enugu State-born 28-year-old actor claimed he was introduced into the act by leader of the gang, whose identity he gave as Jack. He said Jack masterminded the kidnap of the female banker, who was his former boss.

He has starred in five home videos: The Eves, Friday Night, Witches Club, Palace Club and Mountain High. He has also released two music albums in 2008 and 2014.

Police sources said: “The suspects were six in number. But three are on the run and we are on their trail.

“During interrogation, the actor said six of them came in a Toyota Corolla car and immediately they saw their target coming out of her Toyota Camry car, they pointed guns at her and drove her to their hideout in Mowe.”

He allegedly confessed that himself and Jack drove the victim’s car to Akerele area of Surulere, where they sold it for N250,000. He said he got N100,000, while Jack took the rest.

“They also sold their victim’s jewellery for N8,000 and her pair of shoes for N3,700.”

He also stated that his share of the ransom was N450,000, but did not disclose how much they got, as the bargain was done between Jack and the victim’s family.”

One of the suspects reportedly told FSARS operatives that he came from Edo State on invitation by a friend.

He said: “A friend invited me to Lagos. All he told me was to watch over the woman and ensure she did not escape from where she was kept. I never knew she was kidnapped. I was tempted by the N350,000 offer.”

On his part, the friend, aged 23, said his role was to provide his master’s Toyota Corolla, which was used for the operation, adding that his share of the ransom was N400,000.

The suspects, as gathered, have been charged to court for kidnap and robbery.

600 couples marry in mass Zim wedding

Harare – Over 600 couples got married in a mass wedding ceremony in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, the Herald newspaper reported on Monday.

Grooms dressed in black suits and red ties exchanged vows with their brides in white wedding gowns at the Harare City Sports Centre on Sunday in a ceremony presided over by popular church leader Emmanuel Makandiwa.

“I have been to several places and seen their places of attraction, but I have never seen any sight as beautiful as this mass wedding,” Makandiwa was quoted as saying.

“This is history, you have done it in a different way,” he told the 606 couples, before taking them through their vows.

Makandiwa’s United Families International Church draws thousands of congregants to its Sunday services and tens of thousands to its annual “judgement night” prayer rally at the National Sports Stadium.

Makandiwa, who has stirred controversy for promising “miracle money” to some of his low-income followers, said he was only able to accommodate half the couples who had wanted to get married.

He said another mass wedding would be held early next year.

The church was started at the height of Zimbabwe’s economic crisis in 2008 and has amassed a huge following, mainly in Harare.

Chinese gay dating app hits 15 million users

By day, Ma Baoli was a high-ranking officer in a seaside city police force.
By night, he ran a website for gay people to share experiences and on which he spoke under a pseudonym about the pressure he faced as a homosexual.

After several years, the police force found out and told him he could not run a private website that was earning money from advertisements while serving as a police officer.

Ma chose his website, a move that later proved fruitful. His has spawned a Chinese-language dating app for men called Blued that has garnered 15 million users, 3 million of them outside China, over two years.

And last month, his company, Blue City, received $30 million in funding from Silicon Valley venture capital company DCM Ventures. Ma hopes to use the money to expand abroad and possibly prepare for an IPO. He is also considering launching a dating app for lesbians.

In a country where the government considers any activism dangerous and where homosexuality has traditionally been taboo, Ma has managed to build his business partly by reaching out to government agencies and showing them he can provide a public service in spreading safe-sex messages.

In 2012, he was invited to meet with now-Premier Li Keqiang because of his AIDS prevention work.

Wu Zunyou, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases center, praised the app for its usefulness in conveying information to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, or LGBT, community.

“It’s very hard to receive so many registered users in such a short time,” Wu told The Associated Press last week at an AIDS awareness event held by Blue City and also attended by local government officials. “None of our public awareness websites can receive such attention. This is a very important channel to be able to spread information about AIDS prevention among the LGBT community.”

The app allows users to look for people by location or the last time they logged on. It also enables group settings so people can organize activities such as hiking or assembling a basketball team, as well as providing information from health authorities on locations for HIV testing and treatment.

Andrea Pastorelli, a policy specialist at the United Nations Development Programme, said the Chinese CDC had recognized the app’s usefulness in reaching people they were unable to.

“They are having a real issue reaching out to the most marginalized people and in China that’s where the epidemic is,” he said.

“The fact that they have been able to attract this much money shows that there is interest in the so-called pink market,” Pastorelli added. “Private companies are realizing that gay people exist and gay people represent a huge market.”

An investment manager at the Beijing office of DCM Ventures who asked not to be named because she was not authorized to speak to the media confirmed that the company had invested $30 million in Blue City, saying its future outlook was promising.

“Five percent of the total population are LGBT people,” she said. “Social attitudes toward gay people will become more and more tolerant in the future.”

For Ma, 37, who goes by the online pseudonym Geng Le, the investment signals a shift in attitudes already among Chinese toward homosexuals.

Five years ago, his website would be regularly shut down. Today, that doesn’t happen anymore, and it carries discussions on whether to legalize same-sex marriage, for example.

“I now feel more and more comfortable saying, ‘Yes, I’m gay and yes, what I do is run a gay-themed website,'” he said.

Still, the app does provide privacy for people who are worried about others finding out about their sexual orientation by allowing them to use their smartphone to meet someone, he said.

A law against “hooliganism” that had been used to target gays was eliminated in 1997 and homosexuality was declassified as a mental disorder in 2001, but some clinics still promise to “cure” people by offering conversion therapy that includes electric shocks. China does not recognize same-sex partnerships and no laws outlaw discrimination against homosexuals.

However, more organizations are being created in China that are specifically devoted to LGBT advocacy issues, and gay bars that once could only be found in bigger cities like Beijing and Shanghai are increasingly opening up in smaller cities.

Ma quit his job as deputy director of a division of the Qinhuangdao police force in March 2012. He still misses being a police officer, his dream job since childhood. He says some former colleagues cannot accept what he is doing because they think homosexuality is “abnormal.” Ma says he hopes to change their thinking.

Blue City employs about 40 software engineers, designers, salespeople and advocates.

“I would like to use the power of the economy to promote the LGBT community,” he said. “In many ways, the economy can trigger changes in policies. So if, for example, I do this thing very well, if my users go from 15 million to many more in the future, if we can go public, I can tell the government: See, we can go public being a ‘gay company’ and we haven’t caused you any trouble.”

Obama girls ‘slammed’ for wearing short skirts

Traditionally, it’s a time for Americans to come together in a spirit of harmony. But when you are the daughters of Barack Obama, it seems tradition goes out of the window.

After 16-year-old Malia and Sasha, 13, were pictured looking a little bored at a White House Thanksgiving ceremony they found themselves under attack from one of their father’s political opponents.

Elizabeth Lauten, a communications director for a leading Republican, claimed the girls looked as though they were dressing for a “spot at the bar” when they appeared with their father to pardon the Thanksgiving turkey – an annual Washington event in which the President spares a bird from the slaughter.

In an online post, she asked Malia and Sasha to “try showing a little class” after they wore short skirts and ankle boots, with Malia in black tights and Sasha bare legged.

But Miss Lauten was forced to apologise for her “hurtful” words when a backlash flared up accusing her of cyber bullying, and the hashtag #FireElizabethLauten began trending on Twitter.

Miss Lauten’s Facebook post, which has since been deleted, read that she understood the girls were in “those awful teen years” but urged them to “at least respect the part you play”.

She added: “Act like being in the White House matters to you. Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar. And certainly don’t make faces during televised, public events.”

Miss Lauten is a former national media director for the Republican party. She currently works for Stephen Fincher, from Tennessee, who is a member of the House of Representatives.

In her apology she said: “After many hours of prayer, talking to my parents, and re-reading my words online I can see more clearly just how hurtful my words were.

“Furthermore, I’d like to apologise to all of those who I have hurt and offended with my words, and pledge to learn and grow (and I assure you I have) from this experience.”

Rick Ross has used Minnie Dlamini’s photo to promote his new album.

US rapper Rick Ross has used Minnie Dlamini’s photo to promote his new album.
“Stop claiming our south african people as yours.”
Rick Ross is dropping his new album ‘Hood Billionaire’ and as part of promoting his album he posted different images on Instagram and one of the picrues was of Minnie.

The TV presenter is clad in her traditional Zulu gear.

A mini-war broke off on the rapper’s wall.

One fan wrote: Queen_sybil “stop claiming our south african people as yours. Don’t you have people in East Africa to brag with?”

Horror film gives birth to series

IN 1968, renowned Polish film-maker Roman Polanski turned Ira Levin’s best-selling novel, Rosemary’s Baby, into a movie. It ended in a box-office success with Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes in the lead. Now, Agnieszka Holland is attempting to mirror that result with a mini-series and a stellar cast.

Unlike the movie, which was set in Manhattan, this Lifetime Channel mini-series gains momentum in the scenic locales of Paris.

And Zoë Saldana and Patrick J Adams essay the roles of their formidable film predecessors.

The TV show opens with Rosemary and Guy devastated by her miscarriage. And so the English literature lecturer accepts a job in the City of Lights, where he hopes to finish his novel while he and his wife get a fresh start.

But Rosemary’s mugging irrevocably changes their life when their paths cross with that of an influential Parisian couple – Roman (Jason Isaacs) and Margaux Castevet (Carole Bouquet).

At first, it appears to be for the better. The couple invite them to live in their really plush apartment building, including gifting them with new wardrobes. But something starts to feel off for Rosemary.

Shedding light on why this series – and premise – works, Isaacs told “There are not that many great plots around and this is one of those fabulously scary-creepy things. Zoë does an unbelievable job of being in a state of emotional distress. She doesn’t know who is going to stay alive, whom she can trust, whether she can trust her own husband or if she can trust this lovely, glamorous, chic couple who have basically adopted them and given them a lifestyle beyond their wildest imaginations.

“This is a modern story told in a rather brilliant, young, sentimental way by Agnieszka. She (the director) is a force of nature. She doesn’t take any prisoners (either). She is not interested in derivative acting, or any kind of emotional bullshit. Instead, she is continuously curious about the worse aspects of human behaviour and the corruption of the soul. She is plugged into the real world. I was a fan before, and I’m a bigger fan now.”

On using Paris as a backdrop, he shared: “I think it was a brilliant move because they don’t speak the language. They don’t quite understand the culture around them. Or the medicine. There’s Margaux making these incredible herbal drinks for Rosemary…”

As for working alongside the Suits heart-throb, he noted: “As her husband, he has such an open face and feels like such a charming young man who is the kind of person that parents would happily have taking their daughter to the prom. The fact that he sold his wife out, it takes longer to come to terms with. Even though he is, in some ways, the most despicable character, your heart goes out to him. Hopefully, Ira and Roman would enjoy it and the spirit of the story.”

While the movie played up the whole paranoia aspect, this mini-series goes full-throttle on the horror aspect: this dark world, where witchcraft and covens are hidden behind moneyed doors, is reportedly a lot more creepy, gory and nasty.


Polanski’s 1968 horror, while a hit, remains one of the 100 most controversial films of all time.

It rattled the cages of The National Catholic Office for Motion Pictures for “mocking religion and making perverted use of Christian beliefs”.

Rosemary’s Baby was also one of the first movies that dabbled in themes of Satanism and the occult. And it preceded The Exorcist (1973), The Omen (1976) and Demon Seed (1977).

Interestingly, the film ended up haunting Polanski after its release when, a year later, his pregnant actress wife Sharon Tate was terrorised and murdered by followers of the Charles Manson family in her Los Angeles home.

• You can catch Rosemary’s Baby when it airs Thursdays on Lifetime Channel (DStv 131) at 8pm.

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Cheating hubby ‘worth fighting for’

Kendra Wilkinson thinks Hank Baskett is “worth fighting for”.

The 29-year-old former Playboy star – who split from her husband after he allegedly had an affair with a transgender model in June this year – has revealed that she is prepared to restart her relationship with him, but believes it will take a “lifetime” to trust him again.

She said: “All I can say is I believe Hank. I love Hank.

“And he’s proven to me that he’s worth forgiving and fighting for. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and unfortunate things took place. He’s very gullible and naive … It’s going to take a lifetime to trust him again.”

Hank added: “I will spend my life trying to get Kendra to trust me again …

“Our relationship is still day-to-day. I’m still working on regaining Kendra’s trust.”

Kendra – who has two children, 4-year-old Hank IV and Alijah, 6 with the 32-year-old former American football player – admitted that their relationship became very “volatile” when the details of the alleged affair surfaced.

She told Us Weekly magazine: “I would cry myself to sleep every night, not knowing what happened.

“I was trying to get what I could out of Hank, but I couldn’t control my rage. It became very volatile between us.”

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Actor faces scrutiny over murder

Actor Dwight Henry, who rose to prominence with his debut performance in the Oscar-nominated 2012 movie ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’, is facing scrutiny over a murder.

Prosecutors are questioning why the baker-turned-actor avoided charges in connection with a 2006 New Orleans killing.

Henry was arrested eight years ago in connection with a death by stabbing, but was released without charge, Orleans Parish Assistant District Attorney Christopher Bowman said.

“Our office pulled the file and it wasn’t immediately apparent to us for what reason the case was refused,” Bowman said, adding that the charging decision was made by a previous administration that was less aggressive in prosecuting violent crime.

Prosecutors have no timeline for when they will decide whether to charge Henry in connection with the killing, Bowman said, adding that there is no statute of limitations for murder in Louisiana.

Bowman declined to identify the victim, reported by the New Orleans Advocate newspaper as Leroy Paige, who was stabbed to death outside an apartment in the Bywater neighborhood on February 5, 2006, on Super Bowl on Sunday.

The newspaper brought the eight-year-old killing to light in the wake of Henry being sought by police earlier this week on suspicion of entering a bakery where he used to work and stealing $270 from the cash register.

Henry was arrested in that case on Thursday and was released after spending several hours in jail, Bowman said.

Henry’s break-out role in ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ was followed by a a turn in ‘12 Years a Slave’, and he is slated to appear in the forthcoming Marvin Gaye biopic ‘Sexual Healing’.

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Rules flouted for Oscar’s birthday – report

Johannesburg – The correctional services department has denied that paralympian Oscar Pistorius was receiving special treatment at the Kgosi Mampuru prison in Pretoria, but said recent claims would be investigated, Sunday Times reported.

This was after the Sunday Times had reportedly witnessed several rules being flouted for Pistorius on Saturday, his 28th birthday.

The paper reported that Pistorius’s brother Carl and sister Aimee were allowed to bring the former Blade Runner a string of balloons, gift bag and cake purchased outside the prison.

According to the department of correctional services’s rules for sentenced offenders, inmates were only allowed delicacies bought at the prison tuck shop.

The siblings visited Pistorius for almost two hours, despite departmental guidelines stipulating visits were not allowed to exceed an hour.

Prison officials reportedly let the siblings’ cars into the prison grounds without searching them and allowed Carl and Aimee to use another exit to avoid the paper’s photographer.

Correctional services spokesman Logan Maistry denied this but said the allegations were regarded as serious and “will be investigated”.

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