Kenyan president threatens to sack lazy civil servants

NAIROBI – Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday threatened to sack lazy government officials who do not deliver on their mandate.

Speaking in Nairobi, Kenyatta warned that civil servants who fail their duties, are a hindrance to the achievement of the government’s development goals.

“All government officers and politicians who receive money from taxpayers should know this is the year to deliver, and if you cannot deliver, please quit because there are many other competent people who can perform that job,” he said when he launched a major project to upgrade the informal settlement.

The president said such officials should be ready to quit because Kenya can no longer accommodate nonperformance public officers at all levels of government.

“We have solid programs that can change the lives of Kenyans and all government officers who cannot deliver on their mandate should quit,” he added.

The Kenyan leader emphasized that the warning goes to all people who are paid using taxpayers money, noting that the government wants to make this year to be one of delivery on many plans aimed at transforming the country.

“We expect the people of Kenya to feel the impact of the transformational projects implemented by their government using the taxes collected from them,” Kenyatta said.

The president said his government was clear on the transformative agenda for the country and will not allow civil servants who engage in corrupt practices to derail its efforts.

He said government services are concentrated in the affluent areas in Nairobi, while the slums of the city where majority of residents live lack even services that are available in villages in remote parts of the country.

“For a long time, the areas with the biggest population have been left without development. This has to change because every Kenyan, wherever he lives, deserves service,” said Kenyatta.


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