Mother Carries Baby In Designer Handbag

Many women like to show off their designer handbags.

However, one mother of China, used her expensive bag as a carry case for her baby boy.

26-year-old Xue Hsueh placed her baby in her designer handbag while chatting with friends. One of her friends thought it was so cute and took a photo of the child in the bag.

She later posted the photo to the Internet, which caused a firestorm. Many people did not agree that it was “cute” or “fine” to place a nine-month-old child in a handbag.

The mother faced a lot of backlash. Some people pointed out that a child is not like a dog.

However, Hsueh defended herself, saying that her baby was only very briefly in the bag. She added that it had been done while she was joking about what childcare would look like under men.

She said that her son was amused while in the bag.


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