Married man sends message to a National broadcaster looking for new wife

Zimbabwe – The Harare Civil court was last week left in stiches after a woman revealed that she had found a message in her hubby’s phone which he had sent to National Broadcaster, ZBC seeking their help in finding a new ‘flame’.

Patience Bvukwe was claiming US$300 from her husband Sunny Chinyuku whom she accused of neglecting their two children.

“We are married but I was shocked when I saw a text massage on his mobile phone which he sent to ZBC asking for a wife yet I am still alive,” she said.

Bvukwe said Chinyuku was employed as a postman and was able to pay that amount. “He doesn’t bring his salary home but is good at buying airtime to call his girlfriends. I am the one who is looking after the children and this is stressing me because the money I get from my part time jobs is not sufficient to cater for the children’s needs,” Bvukwe said.

She told the magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza that Chinyuku was not playing his role as the head of the family.

Chinyuku denied the allegations and said he would not pay anything until Bvukwe returns an undergarment she removed from his short.

“I will not pay anything because we are staying together and besides that I want her to return my underwear,” he said. Chinyuku denied paternity of his second child and accused Bvukwe of having extramarital affairs.

“We are having problems with my wife because she suspects that I am having extramarital affairs and I also suspect her,” Chinyuku said.

Mr Nyatsanza ordered Chinyuku to pay US$150 per month for the upkeep of his two children.


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