Festival goers shocked as people have sex in public

South Africa – Festival revellers were shocked and disappointed after they witnessed people having sex in public at the DJ Nation annual bash at the Taung sports ground in North West, SA, which hosts about 30 000 people every year.

Some of the men crawled on their knees to get a better view while others pleasured themselves as they watched women urinating next to the stadium despite the 50 portable toilets.

People were seen having in cars and in the stadium corners.

The cops couldn’t, or wouldn’t, control the drunken men and women at some people flashed their privates.

According to witnesses, the fifth annual bash was different.

“I attend this party every year,” said Isaac Miagi (24)”But I have never seen people behaving like this, having sex in public.”

Tebo Mathonsi said it was like watching a movie.

“There were used condoms everywhere People were poking in their cars everywhere around the stadium.”

A 57-year-old man who didn’t want to be named said he was disappointed when he saw what was happening.

“Life has changedGoing to the party was about having fun away from your house with your partner.

“Only a stupid man will take the chance of letting his partner go to the party by herself.”

Organiser and owner of the bash, DJ Nation, said he wasn’t aware people were behaving like this at the stadiumHe said he hired enough toilets.

“It is difficult to control everyone’s actions at such a big event,” he said.


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