Zim man survives buffalo attack

A Zimbabwean man survived an attack by a charging buffalo by hanging on to its horns, The Chronicle reported on Tuesday.

His intestines protruding from a first goring by the buffalo, Given Ndlovu, 38, claims he managed to grab hold of the animal’s horns and then its nose, hanging on until it gave up the attack.

“The lone buffalo came charging towards me as I was herding cattle on Saturday. It attacked me with its horns in the stomach and I fell down.

“I then held its horns as it attempted to attack me again. I then left the other horn and grabbed its nose and held it for some time,” Ndlovu reportedly said from his hospital bed.

Afterwards, in his weakened state, Ndlovu stripped off his T-shirt and bandage his stomach before calling relatives. He had surgery and was recovering in a hospital in Bulawayo.

The attack happened in the Mvuthu district, near Victoria Falls and other game-rich forestry and safari areas in western Zimbabwe.

Officials reportedly suspect Ndlovu may have been trying to poach an animal in the area.


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