Jennifer Aniston has a potty mouth

Jennifer Aniston likes to tell “dirty jokes” like her ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ character.

The 45-year-old actress admits she’s not too dissimilar from her comedic alter-ego, devious dentist Dr. Julia Harris, because she too likes to have people in fits of laughter with her crude humour and potty mouth.

Asked whether she tells dirty jokes like Dr. Julia in real life, Jennifer replied: “Of course! I mean, I’m not rude in front of people I don’t know, but I tell a dirty joke now and then! I’m not squeaky clean … I’d have to say, ‘f**k’ is my favourite curse word. That’s a pretty good one.”

The brunette beauty – who is engaged to Justin Theroux – couldn’t wait to get back into her role as Dr. Julia following the success of the first movie in 2011 because she loves the way she can let herself go on set and become an “outrageous” character, who wears skimpy leather and sexy lingerie.

She explained to Australia’s OK! magazine: “I couldn’t wait . I was probably the first one on set. I was in costume a year before it was happening! I love Dr. Julia a lot. I just think it’s so fun to be able to dress up and be outrageous, insane and as honest and earnest as she is.”


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