Nigeria security agencies accused of killings

Abuja – Nigeria’s human rights commission (NHRC) on Tuesday accused the country’s security agencies of systematic extra-judicial killings, describing the lack of due process as the most frequently violated human right.

NHRC said that most of the complaints received by the commission – which also include loss of rights to education, shelter and health – involved extra-judicial killings by Nigeria’s security agencies and police.

Nigeria, which according to UN data is one of the countries with the highest number of human rights violations, is tackling an insurgency in the country’s north-east.

The government has repeatedly denied accusations of extra-judicial killings.

Speaking to the Nigerian news agency NAN, NHRC Deputy Director Aver Gavar said that such violations were a “thorny issue” in the country, and that thorough investigations were under way.

“We are carrying out investigations and mostly the complaints are brought against the Nigerian police or against security agencies,” she said.

Internal displacement due to the unrest is another major issue in the country.

“We have recently … observed a huge burden of internal displacement. Some people have walked up to the commission because they are displaced and despondent, they do not have hope or anywhere to go,” said Gavar.


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