Police identify Malaysian suicide bomber

Kuala Lumpur – Police have identified a Malaysian Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) jihadist who carried out a suicide attack on a Syrian government military base, a news report said on Tuesday.

Ahmad Affendi Abdul Manaff, aged 27, from the northern state of Kelantan, was killed last month after driving a bomb-laden truck into a military installation in Homs, police counter-terrorism chief Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay said.

“Based on intelligence gathered and communication with our counterparts there [Syria], it was confirmed that he died during the attack,” the New Straits Times quoted Ayob as saying.

Ayob said the suicide attack happened on 8 or 9 November and killed dozens of Syrian soldiers.

Ahmad Affendi was the second Malaysian jihadist suicide bomber. On 26 May, Ahmad Tarmimi Maliki drove a vehicle filled with explosives into a military headquarters in Anbar, Iraq, killing 25 military officers.

Interior minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said police had identified 39 Malaysians who have joined ISIS militants in Syria.


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