Wedding descends into chaos after sister-in-law kisses groom

A wedding in Aligarh, India allegedly turned into a brawl after a woman, so excited that her brother-in-law was tying the knot, leapt up and kissed him.

The groom and the bride had met each other on social media and fallen in love

After getting approval from their respective families, the couple decided to take the matter forward and get married.

The bride and her family looked on in deep disapproval as the woman pulled the groom, also her husband’s brother,  to the dance floor.

A brawl promptly ensued between the two families with the 500-odd guests running for cover

The bride’s family not only beat up members of the groom’s but also held the bridegroom captive.

Aligarh mayor Shakuntala Bharati, who was present at the scene when it all happened, said, “The boy (bridegroom) had been confined by the girl’s family

“He was in their custodyThough it was their personal matter, I had to intervene to free the poor man

“I had come to give the newly-weds my blessing

But they were gunning for each other

“Both come from very good, educated familiesSo it was a bit of a shockThe groom went back without the bride.”

Bharati confirmed that though cops were brought in to settle the matter but the families eventually decided not to file cross FIRs

A police officer from the Delhi Gate zone in Aligarh said, “They sought a closed and private solutionI don’t think I should comment when we were not involved.”


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