Mum charged after putting child’s corpse in family fridge

A woman from Texas faces charges after she stuffed her dead disabled 9-year-old daughter’s corpse in the crisper drawer of her refrigerator and left the body there for six months, authorities say.

In June, when her other child and two friends were looking for a cheese stick to eat in the Houston apartment, they found Ayahna Comb’s emaciated, blanket-wrapped remains – weighing only 14 pounds – inside the fridge, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Amber Keyes, 35, faces a charge of injury to a child for allowing the tiny girl, who suffered from cerebral palsy and couldn’t feed or clothe herself or move without a wheelchair, to wither away and die in January.

An autopsy determined the child died of malnutrition and dehydration and the death was ruled a homicide last month.

Neighbours became concerned after they didn’t see little Ayahna coming outside for months in her pink stroller

Keyes told authorities she panicked after Ayahna stopped breathing one night in January and tried CPR, but never called authorities after she failed to revive the frail child.

Instead, she stuffed the girl into the fridge and continued to use it during the several months the body lay inside, authorities said.

Keyes didn’t take the girl to the doctor for two years prior to her death and that towards her death on Jan29, found the girl “always difficult to feed,” the paper reported.

While the body chilled for months in the fridge, Keyes continued to collect Social Security benefits in her disabled daughter’s name, she told authorities.

She also lived with another young daughter, who has been taken into protective custody.

Keyes previously lost custody of a third child, who was 18 months old in 2002 when child services learned her boyfriend was abusing the tot and removed the child from the Houston home.

After the girl died, Keyes continued to tell the child’s father, Armand Comb, that she was still alive, he told KHOU-TV in June.

He even spoke to Keyes, who pretended Ayahna was listening as Comb sang her a song.

Keyes remains jailed in lieu of $50,000 bail.


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